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Most Terrifying Places

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Travel Channel visits haunted locales in "Most Terrifying Places." Restless spirits stalk the halls of a medieval castle, the undead work the graveyard shift at a subterranean factory and a skeleton crew mans the deck of a cursed ship. Other spooky places include an abandoned amusement park, a grain silo, an opera house turned makeshift morgue, and a train car. Each episode features hair-raising firsthand accounts, spine-chilling reenactments and eye-opening interviews with local people and historians.

Latest episodes

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Long-dead prisoners prowl an old English jail; a decommissioned warship is haunted by the agonized victims of a grisly tragedy; sinister spirits roam the upper floor of a historic building.
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A menacing medieval castle; a gilded opera house turned into a makeshift morgue; a terrifying train car straight out of a nightmare.
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An abandoned amusement park; a sinister grain silo; a long-shuttered subterranean factory.
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The Blue Lady haunts a California restaurant overlooking the ocean; more than costumed staff members lurk in the dark at a Halloween attraction in a 19th-century Philadelphia prison; a New York village is dedicated to reliving history.
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A monstrous headmistress tortures innocent souls from beyond the grave; a restaurant quakes with ghostly activity; an island is stalked by the sinister spirit of a notorious pirate.