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The Dead Files

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A homicide detective and a medium combine their sixth senses to investigate haunted locations where a deadly crime was committed. Steve DiSchiavi is a retired detective with more than 20 years of experience with the New York City Police Department, and Amy Allan is a paranormal researcher and psychic who has worked with many private investigators and police agencies. In each episode, the duo investigate a case independently and keep their findings hidden from each other to preserve the integrity of their discoveries. At the episode's end DiSchiavi and Allan share with the property owner what they discover, and it often points to an undeniable conclusion.

Latest episodes

aired 3 days ago
Steve and Amy investigate disturbing paranormal activity at a terrified woman's home in rural Maine.
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In Highland Park, Ill., a panic-stricken family claims that paranormal activity has turned life in their new home into a nightmare; Steve learns about a serial killer, while Amy encounters a praying man who morphs into a monster.
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In Jefferson City, Mo., a family abandons their new home in order to escape the intense paranormal activity inside of it; even worse, the couple worries their daughter has been possessed by one of the dark entities.
aired 7 days ago
Steve and Amy travel to Virginia to confront hostile spirits at a historic sanatorium; they investigate violent paranormal activity wreaking havoc in a Massachusetts family.
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Steve and Amy head to the Florida Everglades to meet with a Reiki master claiming her family is being torn apart by violent paranormal attacks and who is worried that someone is going to wind up hurt -- or even dead.
aired 10 days ago
Steve and Amy expose a horrific battle between good and evil when they investigate disturbing reports of demonic activity in Ohio.
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Steve and Amy travel to New Orleans to investigate violent paranormal activity at a church-turned-restaurant; the owners fear for the safety of their employees and patrons.
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Steve and Amy head to a horse farm in Hartford, Wis., where a family is threatened by dark forces; Steve discovers that the previous owner was gripped by religious mania, while Amy encounters a shadow person preying on the living.
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Steve and Amy travel to Springfield, Ohio, where a woman is losing control of her temper and personality; her family fears she may be possessed, while she's worried that something in the house is trying to kill her.
aired 17 days ago
Steve and Amy investigate new claims of paranormal activity at the infamous Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa; they travel to Pennsylvania to help a couple tormented by a ferocious devil creature in their home.
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In Colorado Springs, Colo., Steve and Amy aid a team of paranormal investigators who fear that violent paranormal activity has followed them home from an investigation; the women need answers before things turn deadly.
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In Blue Springs, Mo., a woman fears for the safety of her children as unseen forces torment them every day; Steve discovers the woman's property was the scene of a murder-suicide, while Amy encounters the resentful spirit of a dead man.
aired 24 days ago
Steve and Amy travel to Chicago to investigate paranormal activity terrorizing employees and customers at a funeral home turned tattoo parlor; U.S. Army veterans are terrified that activity in their home could kill them and their family.
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Amy and Steve travel to Lynchburg, Ohio, where a former MMA fighter is being attacked by something she can't fight; during her late night walk, Amy encounters a shadowy spider woman whose goal is to meld with a living person.
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Steve and Amy travel to New London, Wis., where a family is on the brink of destruction due to powerful paranormal activity; the parents fear that one of their children may have summoned a demonic entity through a spirit board.
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A couple is being tormented by demonic entities hell bent on destroying their home.
aired 31 days ago
Steve and Amy investigate a historic hotel where the owners and guests claim they've been tormented by terrifying visions.
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In Tonawanda, N.Y., Steve and Amy investigate a woman's claims that paranormal activity in her home has become violent; Steve uncovers the story of a teenager who poisoned children; Amy's walk reveals a dark entity focused on tormenting the living.
VOD available
Steve and Amy travel to Pittsburgh to investigate paranormal activity in a tattoo parlor where the artists and customers fear for their safety; on her late night walk, Amy encounters a group of malicious demons who are set on collecting souls.
aired 38 days ago
Steve and Amy investigate a frightened young boy's eerie encounters with a dangerous and powerful entity.
aired 45 days ago
When demonic forces devastate a terrified family in Covington, La., Steve and Amy step in to investigate.

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Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans leads his team of co-investigators at haunted locations both in America and abroad, interviewing locals about alleged hauntings before going face to face with supernatural entities. Each hourlong episode follows Bagans and his crew as they work to uncover the paranormal mysteries, and after piecing together the haunted history of each site, the team holds a dusk-to-dawn "lockdown" in an effort to obtain physical evidence of the paranormal and discover the truth.
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A group locks itself into a haunted location for 24 hours in order to explore the science and psychology of hauntings, as well as tangible evidence of life after death. Host Yvette Fielding and a team of paranormal investigators visit locations in Britain, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, hoping to document evidence of paranormal activity.
A pair of plumbers moonlight as ghostbusters for clients who report paranormal phenomena. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson founded TAPS, the Atlantic Paranormal Society, in 1990 as an extension of their interest in the paranormal, and since that time they have made it their life's work -- when they're not unclogging drains, that is -- to help individuals or groups throughout the country who feel they have been affected by seemingly unexplained disturbances. Grant left TAPS and the show in 2012, leaving Jason as the team's lead investigator.
You may not want to watch "Paranormal Witness" alone if you're easily spooked. This series brings to life -- through the use of first-hand testimony, home videos and personal photos -- the stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences. In addition to featuring the usual paranormal stuff -- UFO sightings, poltergeists, haunted mansions, to name just a few -- "Paranormal Witness" episodes also tell the stories of a child with an imaginary friend and a highway that is said to be haunted.
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Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans, star of Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures," has collected macabre objects from around the world in attempts to prove the existence of the supernatural. The items believed to possess negative energy and evil attachments find a permanent home in Bagans' downtown Las Vegas museum. "Deadly Possessions" features some of the museum's most notorious objects, including killer doll Robert from the "Chucky" films, and a secret possession said to be involved in the death of actress Natalie Wood. Bagans interviews the owners, who share stories of how the objects have terrorized them, and helps them solve their "attachment."
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In "Ghost Adventures," Zak Bagans and his team of paranormal investigators have visited hundreds of haunted locations both in America and abroad, interviewing locals about alleged hauntings before going face to face with supernatural entities. Along the way, Zak and company have provided answers and help for couples, families and individuals suffering the vengeance of spirits. "Aftershocks" follows up by having the series' most memorable characters recount how things were before Zak's "lockdown" investigation and how their lives have changed since. Are questions still left unanswered? In some cases, paranormal teams that have investigated specific locations after the "Ghost Adventures" team bring their own evidence and insight to the table.
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The Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) are passionate paranormal investigators. The team has a specific niche in the supernatural realm -- seeking out activity at asylums, sanitariums and mental hospitals. Unlike other teams, TWC isn't content to conjure up incorporeal beings and collect evidence; it uses traps to capture restless spirits. With common sense and adventurous tendencies, the team either debunks or validates each case it researches, whose venues include hospitals where dead nurses roam the halls and a rehab center that has cries coming from the windows.