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Being in the spotlight doesn't necessarily make life easier for reality TV stars and, in fact, often makes things harder for the celebrities. Oftentimes, their relationships suffer from the notoriety. In this series of the "Marriage Boot Camp" franchise, stars of such shows as "The Real Housewives" and "Bad Girls Club" seek help from therapists and other experts to prevent their personal relationships -- either romantic or familial -- from getting worse. The therapists put the celebs and their loved ones through their form of boot camp, testing them with challenges that include revealing some of their deepest secrets and personal woes.

Latest episodes

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After an explosive lie detector test, Chris makes a last-ditch effort to save his relationship; at the final ring ceremony, not every couple survives; Puma pulls a prank on Quani that backfires; a devastating breakup shocks all.
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The couples sweat it out in the hot seat during a surprise lie detector test; Desiree must answer the biggest question in Bachelor history; all hell breaks loose when deception is indicated; a singles night out on the town leads to trouble.
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The couples must sacrifice themselves or their partner in an unpleasant task; when faced with bone-chilling waters and flaming hot coals, the consequences are brutal; Wynn's decision puts him and Kim on ice; Aubrey and Pauly's drama ignites.
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The couples take a trip down memory lane to discover what is haunting their current relationships; the couples are blind-sided as their pasts become their worst nightmares; Chris gets burned for not opening up; a surprise guest wreaks havoc.
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The couples uncover their issues in the bedroom; wild fantasies and sexy secrets are exposed during a game of truth or dare; Puma and Quani clash over intimacy, while Chris shuts down dirty talk with Desiree; Kim shocks all with a sex confession.
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After Aubrey's death wish, Pauly D escapes the Boot Camp house without a trace; Ernest is sent to urgent care; the couples navigate a communication course while wearing drunk goggles; Chris gets the wrath of Judge Toler when he crosses the line.
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The couples undergo shock therapy to identify what triggers their blow ups; picture-perfect Chris and Desiree start to show cracks in their armor; Kim's alarming behavior worsens; Ernest runs to Momma's aid during a trauma; Pauly D is pushed too far.
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The couples must confess their darkest truths or face punishment; a death wish rocks one couple to the core; a truth bomb puts Momma Dee and Ernest on the verge of another divorce; Kim checks Aubrey; Pauly D is ready to flee the house.
VOD available
The couples dig up their baggage but shovel up more than what they bargained for; Pauly and Aubrey fight over cheating allegations; Quani struggles with her affections and breaks down; Ernest suffers a medical emergency.
VOD available
Five new couples enter Boot Camp, where they learn there's no dancing around their issues as they return to prom night with a shocking twist; a brutal confrontation breaks out; the doctors, security personnel and producers come running.
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Along with the show's producers, Dr. Ish and Dr. V provide a behind-the-scenes look at season 13, revealing shocking secrets, including the manhunt following Pauly D's escape and the most explosive bachelor breakdown in "Boot Camp" history.
aired 33 days ago
The families make their final decisions, but not all survive; Mama Jones exposes a shocking family secret; Amber and Brandi nearly come to blows in one last showdown; Jenn makes an unexpected decision regarding her sisters; Renee is crushed.
aired 34 days ago
Amber pursues Matt after he runs out of the house on lie detector day; Lana refuses to take the polygraph test; Tonya is tested for drug abuse; Jim and Chrissy get into a heated argument.
aired 35 days ago
The families unleash their inner demons; Renee has an emotional breakthrough with her sisters; Amber and Matt nearly come to blows and call it quits; the Jones family rebels and Mama goes ballistic.
aired 36 days ago
Childhood traumas resurface during a Boot Camp Christmas; surprise guests rock the house; Matt breaks down when he exposes a shocking event from his past; Renee goes ballistic when she gets a glimpse into the future without her sister, Jenn.
aired 37 days ago
The families navigate the dangerous waters of communication; Renee goes to Narcotics Anonymous; Amber and Tonya run out of their medications; panic strikes when a Boot Camper suffers a health crisis and collapses.
aired 38 days ago
A lock-out forces the families to maneuver their way back into the house; Renee battles her addiction; Brandi pays the price for sitting on Jim's lap; a chilling task pushes the Joneses over the edge.
aired 39 days ago
A Thanksgiving celebration goes rogue when the cast members swap families; Matt ends up in the hot seat, while Renee has a shocking setback; after a trip to the hospital, Brandi sits on Jim's lap, causing battle lines to be drawn.
aired 40 days ago
The family members must make the ultimate sacrifice for their loved ones by completing a terrifying task; Amber confronts Brandi about her drinking; things explode between Chrissy and Mama Jones.
aired 41 days ago
The family members must confess their deepest truths or suffer a terrifying punishment; Chrissy breaks down in tears; Amber and Matt's checkered past rears its ugly head; Renee unleashes years of pent-up rage on her sisters.
aired 42 days ago
The families go back to kindergarten for a surprise show and tell; the class spirals out of control as deep issues are exposed; Amber goes on a rampage that sparks a brutal confrontation with the Jones family.

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