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TLC describes Jennie Marie as a doting wife and mother with a larger-than-life personality. She also happens to be gifted with the extraordinary ability to talk to the dead. Not only is Jennie a medium, psychic, and fourth-generation clairvoyant, but connecting with people who are otherwise incapable of communicating for themselves is her calling card. This series shows how Jennie helps people who are desperate to communicate with their loved ones, whether they've transitioned to the afterlife or suffered a life-altering incident. Episodes showcase several readings, while also exploring the star's home life in Rochester, N.Y.

Latest episodes

aired 223 days ago
Jennie gives an empathic reading to a voiceless woman left paralyzed after a medical procedure gone wrong; in an impromptu reading, Jennie turns a skeptic into a believer; Jennie does a reading for two women and discovers their heartfelt connection.
aired 224 days ago
Jennie makes a connection for a family that recently lost a loved one; a mom and daughter hope Jennie can contact their husband and dad; Jennie connects a mother with a child who died in a car wreck; Jennie and Mike celebrate their anniversary.
aired 224 days ago
Jennie does a reading for a mother who lost her young son; a family whose loved ones perished in a mysterious fire seek answers; Jennie connects with a young woman who passed away and provides healing to her family.
aired 226 days ago
While on vacation, Jennie offers healing to a skeptic who's mourning the loss of his mother; Jennie delivers messages at a bridal shower, then aids a couple worried their house is haunted.
aired 226 days ago
Jennie performs an empathic read for a mother whose medical complication left her in a semi-vegetative state; a group reading with clients who all have a unique connection in a shared tragedy; Jennie gives healing to a woman who needs closure.
aired 227 days ago
Jennie uses her abilities to read the energy of a man who hasn't been able to speak since an accident eight years ago; Jennie reads a woman whose mother committed suicide; Jennie interrupts her date night to help a man with a message from his past.

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Psychic medium Matt Fraser and pageant queen girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis are highly visible local celebrities in their hometown of Cranston, R.I. Matt and Alexa envision big things for their future, and Matt's captivating live readings are growing more popular than ever. While Alexa supports Matt on his coast-to-coast tour, she's got big dreams of her own, setting her sights on winning her next title and procuring a fabulous engagement ring. This couple is definitely on the rise -- as long as their overly involved families don't get in the way. The eccentric family does everything together, from driving to Matt's readingsin a big SUV emblazoned with his likeness to debating whether there's such a thing as too much bling when Matt decides they need to wear matching jackets while working his events. Matt and Alexa can always count on their families to give them unwavering support and advice -- even when they haven't asked for it.