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Dr. Phillip C. McGraw's show draws on his 25 years of experience in psychology, sociology and observation. Beginning his TV career as the resident expert on human behavior on Oprah Winfrey's daily talk show, Dr. Phil continues to deal with real issues in his blunt style.

Latest episodes

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Lying about jobs, acting inappropriately with young women, getting DUIs and being passed out drunk -- that's how Brittany, Brandi and Brooklyn describe their father, Lance, and confront him.
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Michael, an admitted liar who now claims he's a changed man and wants to "come clean" about all his past lies and deceptions, including some that have landed him behind bars, comes face-to-face with three of his victims.
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Monica's 45-year-old brother, Jeff, moved back into his childhood bedroom in his mother's home and has never left; their mother admits she has given Jeff well over $100,000, raises his children, and pays all his bills; he faces his fed-up family.
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Jennifer says her marriage is in shambles because her family has been targeted by "hackers" for the last year-and-a-half, but her husband says he has evidence that leads back to her phone, proving she is the hacker.

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