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Love Thy Sister

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Ruby, Ellen and Ione Rucker are three Southern sisters -- from one of the most prominent families in the Carolinas -- who are educated, privileged and sassy. While they have a strong sisterly bond and are best friends, they also bring out the worst in one another. One reason for that could be because they work together, partnering on a natural hair care line called Rucker Roots. Ruby, the oldest of the three, is a former lawyer who spends her time volunteering and supporting education; youngest sister Ione, who used to be married to former NBA player Antawn Jamison, strives to be a successful philanthropist and businesswoman; and perfectionist Ellen is the middle sister, who has left her chiropractic practice to work on the sisters' hair care venture.

Latest episodes

aired 1,155 days ago
Lone's major secret; Bakari reveals that he's going to propose to Ellen; Ruby voices her objection.
aired 1,158 days ago
Ruby's birthday wish is to have one more baby; Ione crosses the line with Ellen's boyfriend.
aired 1,159 days ago
Londyn is now a transgender woman; Riley takes losing weight to the extreme.
aired 1,160 days ago
Rucker Roots hair care line gets ready to launch; Lone goes on a date; Ruby and Ford's sex life.
aired 1,161 days ago
Bakari's proposal to Ione; Ruby makes a scene at her husband's office; Ione's aunts steal her shoes.
aired 1,162 days ago
Ellen's trust issues with her relationship; Ruby's parenting skills.

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