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For those who are interested not only in what's hot in pop culture, but what made it so popular, there's "Love Lust"; Sundance Channel's in-depth look at the things that are hot. From the little black dress or high heels or the bikini to the fascination with vampires, the paranormal, or social networking, each episode focuses on a specific trend and explores not only the current craze but the history behind it and how it became a must-have or trend. Topics range from fashion and film to social networking and secret societies.

Latest episodes

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The bikini is the perfect combination of a few triangles of fabric and some string, as it was wielded as a weapon by Raquel Welch and Brigitte Bardot.
aired 62 days ago
First made famous by Coco Chanel. the story of the little black dress as it becomes a fashion staple.
aired 160 days ago
A good breakfast to start the day conquers hearts and binds relationships in its roles as both a stomach-filler and motherly love.
aired 161 days ago
Iconic seasonal dishes and traditions are explored from barbecue to turkey and eggnog.
aired 161 days ago
Chocolate's rich history from its ancient origins to modern times; the finest chocolate makers of today.
aired 167 days ago
Exploring the modern day roots of social networking.
aired 181 days ago
Sex symbols throughout the generations learned to tap into the social and cultural politics of their times.
aired 286 days ago
Street food is the world's oldest and most beloved dining, from sophisticated finger food to dirty pig-outs.
aired 286 days ago
Makeup such as Max Factor and Bobbi Brown has enabled use of the face as the ultimate form of self-expression.
aired 545 days ago
Heels are examined in their role as a fashion staple, from Ginger Rogers on to six-inch Manolos and Lady Gaga's lobster heels.