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Lost Resort

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A group of strangers checks into a three-week Costa Rican wellness retreat in search of alternative healing therapies, from rage rituals and shamanic cacao ceremonies to orgasmic dance.

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Robin and Christine's fighting annoys the rest of the group, so Meco and Claudia give them a piece of their minds; an unlikely friendship forms when the group gets vulnerable; a romance among the guests gets steamy.
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Eight wounded souls embark on a deep healing journey to overcome past traumas, face their truths and so much more through weird and witchy ways.
airs in 10 days
It's everyone vs. Robin as the mother-daughter drama continues; Meco finds herself in an uncomfortable threesome with Acqua and Vairrun; Pastor Becca struggles to cope with the death of her stillborn son.
airs in 3 days
Channeling ancestors proves to be conflicting for the guests and Ataseia the healer; the sexual energy healer threatens a burgeoning romance.