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This live-action sketch comedy series features members of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or Odd Future for short, a collective of rappers, artists and skateboarders. In addition to comedy sketches, the program features man-on-the-street segments, pranks and music from Odd Future. As is the case of most Adult Swim shows, this one is definitely geared toward adults and not intended for young eyes and ears.

Latest episodes

aired 355 days ago
Thurnis Haley recounts a tragic story; officers bust illegal Cubans; bands-aids get a makeover.
aired 355 days ago
Idiots wrestle alligators; an armless dentist's tips on good dental hygiene.
aired 356 days ago
Lionel shows off his new sweat suit; Tyler gets nasty.
aired 356 days ago
Taco becomes the smartest man in the world thanks to Syd; the guys put on the greatest show of their lives.
aired 357 days ago
Tatiana's sleepover takes a turn; Taco learns a lesson.
aired 357 days ago
The guys audition for roles in a movie; Left Brain has questions for people on the streets.
aired 358 days ago
Lionel and Jasper wrestle tigers; Maurice helps Mac Miller combat his phobias.
aired 358 days ago
Catchphrase Jones returns; family and friends have a funeral.
aired 362 days ago
Young N... premieres his new video at a press conference.
aired 362 days ago
Earl's looking for a new roommate; Lionel gives some exciting insight.
aired 363 days ago
The guys explore the dangers of drug use in a workplace; Tyler gives Seth Rogen valuable advice.
VOD available
The guys take it to another level with Blake Anderson; Jasper shows off cooking skills.
VOD available
Emo Patrick makes a phone call; the guys face eating challenges; Taco explains his world.
VOD available
The cast tries for an intervention; Jasper and Tyler face moral dilemmas; Taco becomes a game changer.
VOD available
Tyler hates his new stepfather; Taco hits the streets in a bathtub; the cast gets dolls with surprising powers.
VOD available
The guys search for treasure; Jasper attempts a bike jump with the help of Andy Bell.
VOD available
The guys go to jail and meet the Dudesons.
aired 369 days ago
The Shady Bunch has bad luck in Hawaii; Mars and Sabrina get pedicures; Jasper gives advice.
aired 370 days ago
The guys welcome an old friend; Jasper and Taco audition for a commercial; Lionel stars in "Blindside 2."
aired 370 days ago
The Po-Po need help solving a case; Blake Andersen returns; a music video debut.
aired 371 days ago
The guys do their own "Real Housewives" reunion; skating with Tony Hawk; Lionel wakes up a friend.

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