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"China, IL" began life as a four-part miniseries (titled "China, Illinois") in 2008 and now is a full-blown series. It features Frank and Steve Smith, brothers who are professors in the history department of a state university in the titular town. The brothers are legends ... in their own minds, at least. As a result, they put themselves above education and are willing to sacrifice facts, lessons and syllabi for the sake of being awesome. That's the sign of a good professor, right? Maybe in some students' opinions.

Latest episodes

aired 64 days ago
Steve regrets his decision to hire another history professor who looks like him.
aired 65 days ago
Pony must take drastic measures to afford a recently raised tuition.
aired 66 days ago
Frank wants to give a perfect lecture on the first day of school.
aired 67 days ago
Steve and Baby Cakes strike it rich; Frank falls in love with a piece of a movie star.
aired 71 days ago
Steve, Frank, Baby Cakes and Pony all become life coaches for each other.
aired 73 days ago
Baby Cakes cannot attend the faculty Parent's Day at UCI because he must visit his mother for the weekend.
aired 74 days ago
The Mayor bans eating anchovies in town; Trump's child is the newest student at UCI.
aired 78 days ago
Since crows have the intelligence of 4-year-old humans, the dean enrolls a murder of them as new students.
aired 79 days ago
Steve, Frank and Baby Cakes start a band in order to gain the attention of a beautiful celebrity.
aired 80 days ago
Frank's anus learns how to speak and becomes a world-famous stand-up comic.
aired 81 days ago
Frank and Steve participate in their annual "Gentleman's Bet"; the dean and the mayor solicit help from Pony and Baby Cakes.
aired 85 days ago
The campus becomes victim to an infestation of wild hogs.
aired 86 days ago
Baby Cakes misunderstands a lecture on witch hunts; Frank becomes a Buddhist monk.
aired 87 days ago
Steve dislikes The Beach Boys.
aired 88 days ago
A new counseling service determines the correct party in a relationship.
aired 92 days ago
Frank bets that he will be the focus of the "Person of the Day" news segment.
aired 93 days ago
Kenny Winker is giving away a ticket to hang with him on his tour bus.
aired 94 days ago
Frank learns that Thomas Jefferson's mythical Diamond Castle exists.
aired 108 days ago
Different departments are selected for The Dean's List, an annual scavenger hunt.
aired 109 days ago
Baby Cakes' imaginary ex-best friend discovers Facebook.
VOD available
Frank and Steve sustain life-threatening injuries during a wrestling match.

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The sheriff of Old Town still lives at home with his mom and his best friend is a doll.