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I Shouldn't Be Alive

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The award-winning docudrama series tells the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who found themselves in epic survival situations. First-person accounts from the survivors combine with re-enactments to bring back to life the emotional and physical journey they faced in their fight to stay alive.

Latest episodes

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A dangerous storm threatens a helicopter rescue crew.
VOD available
A diver gets dragged out to sea.
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A solo hiker faces a life-and-death struggle after falling from a 20-foot cliff.
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Texan Gary Nall and his friend Dave Akers take a flight to the Knick Glacier in Alaska when they suddenly hit a pocket of turbulence and crash-land into the mountainside.
VOD available
Three friends become trapped in a canyon.
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Disaster strikes when Tom and Linda Bosworth's jeep hits a large rock, causing it to roll.
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A traveler on a sightseeing trip to Mayan ruins becomes lost in a sweltering jungle.
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A tourist becomes lost on a Hawaiian volcano.
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An extreme athlete plunges 60 feet down a canyon onto solid rock has only her dog for support.
aired 497 days ago
A young couple make a terrifying discovery after becoming lost.
aired 500 days ago
A young man strikes out on his own while hunting with his father, then is attacked by a grizzly bear.
aired 501 days ago
A paramedic has a freak accident and is left crushed under his quad bike on a remote hillside for days.
aired 502 days ago
Teenagers Josh and Troy are shark fishing off the South Carolina shore when a riptide sweeps them miles out to sea. Over seven days and nights the boys are at the mercy of the ocean, burning by day, freezing by night.
aired 503 days ago
A sky diver's plane is hurled into the sea, stranding him in shark-infested water for 24 hours.
aired 504 days ago
Following a plane crash, four men must fight for their lives against the African animals they have dedicated themselves to protect.
aired 507 days ago
An amateur treasure hunter gets lost in the Australian Outback.
aired 508 days ago
A man and his son get stranded in the mountainous wilderness of Kyrgyzstan while hunting Marco Polo sheep.
aired 509 days ago
A man gets trapped in an avalanche in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania.
VOD available
Stranded and lost in the Outback, a father does all he can to prevent his daughter's death.
VOD available
A family sailing trip turns deadly when the boat hits a rocky reef.
VOD available
An amateur hiker falls down the side of a mountain, only to be saved by a small ledge where there is no escape.

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