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Life and Death Row

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The story of capital punishment through the eyes of young people whose lives have been shaped by it.

Latest episodes

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Former U.S. Marine John Henry Ramirez is sentenced to death by Judge Bobby Galvan for a brutal robbery that netted him and his two female accomplices a grand total of $1.25.
aired 51 days ago
Kenneth Williams is sentenced to death for murdering 57-year-old farmer Cecil Boren while on the run as an escapee from prison, where he was serving a life sentence for murdering 19-year-old college student Dominique Hurd.
aired 51 days ago
Lynn Scott, the sister of inmate Jack Jones, and Lacey Phillips, the daughter of Jones' victim, attend day three of the executions.
aired 52 days ago
Death row inmate Jack Jones' sister, Lynn Scott, worries that the number of medications he's on could mean that the lethal injection drugs won't work properly, resulting in an agonizing death.
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Stacey Johnson and his family attempt to get his execution stayed on the basis that DNA testing could prove his innocence; clemency hearings take place for inmate Ledell Lee, who is scheduled to die on the same night as Johnson.
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Death row inmate Stacey Johnson is scheduled to be executed for a crime he claims he didn't commit; in 1990, Susan's mother is murdered in a home invasion by Don Davis.
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After Justin Back is brutally murdered in January 2014, two friends are arrested and charged with his murder.
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Shawn Ford Jr. is on trial for his life and a jury must decide whether he should live or die.
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David Lopez kills a police officer while being chased for driving recklessly.
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25-year-old law student, Kelly Hickman, attempts to save two young killers facing execution.
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22-year-old, Guy Heinze Jr., was charged with the murders of eight people and found himself on trial for his life.
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The story of capital punishment through the eyes of young men and women whose lives it has shaped.

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