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Death Row Stories

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CNN is by and large still a cable news outlet, but a movement under the leadership of network president Jeff Zucker to provide more alternative, entertainment-based programming is clearly afoot, and "Death Row Stories" is a prime example. The eight-part documentary -- the result of a collaboration with Academy Award-winning directors Robert Redford ("Ordinary People") and Alex Gibney ("Taxi to the Dark Side") -- revisits compelling capital murder cases in the U.S., detailing the twists and turns involved in each as a thought-provoking exercise on the death penalty and the American justice system. "Dead Man Walking" Oscar winner Susan Sarandon is the narrator. Redford's Sundance Productions also partnered with CNN for the documentary series "Chicagoland."

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Upon the discovery of an 11-year old girl suffocated with her own underwear, two step-brothers, ages 15 and 19, confess to the murder; with IQs each under 60, they insist upon their innocence and claim their confessions were coerced.
aired 3 days ago
Video camera captures the chilling, execution-style killings of a Florida nightclub owner and two aspiring models.
aired 3 days ago
An eight-year-old boy is the only survivor of a brutal family massacre in a California home.
aired 3 days ago
A small-town Illinois barfly is quickly sentenced to death for the alleged murder of a pair of newlyweds.
airs in 2 days
A Texas mother is sentenced to death after being convicted of murdering her two young sons in their Dallas-area home.
aired 3 days ago
Ohio, Arizona and Oklahoma are among the states where lethal injection executions have gone horribly wrong.
aired 3 days ago
Tenacious legal intern Diana Holt, comes across the case of African American handyman, Edward Lee Elmore and devotes her life to saving his when he is quickly found guilty in the murder of an elderly white widow and sentenced to death.
aired 3 days ago
No one listened to 27-year old Army vet Joe D'Ambrosio's pleas of innocence in the 1988 murder of Tony Klann, until Father Neil Kookoothe began investigating and discovered a shocking cover-up.
aired 3 days ago
Detective Marshall Frank attempts to exonerate his fellow cop James Duckett, who is sentenced to death for the rape and murder of an eleven year-old girl.
aired 5 days ago
Two construction workers are beaten senseless in San Antonio, but only one survives to identify the attacker.
aired 5 days ago
Evidence emerges causing many to question the guilt of Army sergeant Tim Hennis who is sentenced to death for the murder of the wife and two children of an Air Force captain; a bizarre and unprecedented journey through the American justice system.
aired 8 days ago
With a re-election campaign looming, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will decide the fate of seventeen year death row inmate Nathan Dunlap who was convicted of mass murder at a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in Aurora; a decision that will have ramifications far beyond death row.
aired 10 days ago
A convicted killer is set free when new evidence comes to light.
aired 255 days ago
Joyce Ride, the mother of Sally Ride, America's first female astronaut, becomes intrigued by the case of former Sacramento law school student, Gloria Killian who has no prior criminal record and was found guilty of a brutal home invasion and murder.
aired 255 days ago
When petty criminal John Thompson is convicted on capital murder charges, two successful Philadelphia lawyers agree to represent him, but soon discover that their legal rules don't necessarily apply in New Orleans.
aired 341 days ago
In 1987, wealthy British businessman Kris Maharaj receives the death sentence for a double homicide inside a luxury Miami hotel, but idealistic attorney Clive Stafford Smith uncovers powerful evidence that supports an alternative explanation of the killings, opening a virtual Pandora's box of the city's lucrative drug trafficking and money-laundering operations.
airs in 11 days
When 19-year-old Stacey Stites' body is found half-naked by the side of the road, her fiancé, police officer Jimmy Fennell, is cleared as a suspect.
airs in 4 days
In 1995, Hank Skinner was sentenced to death for the New Year's Eve triple-homicide of his family; five years later, students from the Northwestern University start to investigate the case.

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