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World-renowned angler/guide Carter "Big Boy" Andrews demonstrates his legendary fishing exploits, traveling around the world to catch and release some of the planet's greatest fish species. Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, Andrews pursues the massive arapaima, a prehistoric air-breathing fish that can weight as much as 300 pounds; on Portugal's Algarve coast, he searches for a 1,000-pound blue marlin; and the mythical Golden Dorado, known for its strength and razor-sharp teeth, is his prey in Bolivia, among other adventures. Andrews manages nearly 300 days of fishing each year, a workload he has maintained for more than three decades. He has won many fishing tournaments and has been a member of Fly Fishing Team USA.

Latest episodes

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Carter Andrews journeys deep into the South American rainforest of Peru to track and catch the legendary arapaima, an apex predator and prehistoric jungle fish that can reach weights of over 300 pounds.
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Carter braves the oceans of the North Atlantic to fish for one of the largest and fastest creatures in the sea, the bluefin tuna; traveling to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Carter is intent on catching an over 1,000-pound bluefin.
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Carter pursues the golden dorado, known for its razor-sharp teeth, in the Bolivian jungle.
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Carter Andrews travels to the Gulf Coast to search for legendary alligator gar; starting his journey in Louisiana, Carter tracks down some legends said to haunt the rivers and learns there's much more than meets the eye to these prehistoric fish.
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Carter travels across the Atlantic in search of the rare 1,000-pound blue marlin, known as a "grander"; hooking this iconic fish is considered a difficult challenge for serious anglers.
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Carter Andrews embarks on a quest to find and catch the giant white sturgeon, the apex predator in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest; armed with angling knowledge, Carter teams up with local experts to find the mammoth fish he's after.