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Surprising true stories from familiar places.

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aired 85 days ago
As coronavirus tightens its grip, Shu Lin investigates the impact it's having on London's Chinese community. Nearly four decades on, the family of a trooper killed in the Hyde Park IRA bombing fight for justice. And naturalist Mike Dilger joins marine biologists via sea, land and air to count the arrival of new seal pups.
aired 864 days ago
Tarah Welsh investigates the shocking truth behind the anti-epileptic drug sodium valproate, which has harmed thousands of children. New medical evidence suggests that birth defects caused by the drug could be passed down through generations.
aired 1,020 days ago
Terrorism expert Raffaello Pantucci reveals how ISIS used social media to plan and plot attacks on Westminster and London Bridge. He exposes how the group rely on encrypted messages and the dark web to coerce British Muslims to stage atrocities.

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