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Veteran writer and comedian David Steinberg sits down with comics and other entertainers for one-on-one interviews in this series that delves into the stars' lives and careers. Steinberg's guests -- a list that includes such luminaries as Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Brooks, Don Rickles and Jonathan Winters -- share career-defining moments, personal struggles and the idols who inspired them. These intimate interviews give viewers a glimpse into what makes legendary comedians who they are, both personally and professionally. The hard-working Steinberg not only hosts the show but also serves as an executive producer and directs each episode.

Latest episodes

aired 843 days ago
Conan O'Brien; Jeffrey Tambor.
aired 844 days ago
Ted Danson; Wanda Sykes.
aired 845 days ago
Bryan Cranston; Carol Leifer.
aired 846 days ago
Cheech and Chong; Dane Cook.
aired 847 days ago
Michael Keaton; Dan Aykroyd.
aired 850 days ago
Stephen Colbert; Jon Stewart.
aired 1,098 days ago
David Steinberg interviews show business legends Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.
aired 1,100 days ago
David Steinberg interviews Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Conway.
aired 1,110 days ago
Key & Peele; Garry Marshall.
aired 1,114 days ago
Richard Lewis; Gilbert Gottfried.
aired 1,118 days ago
Kevin Pollack; Bob Saget; Larry Miller.
aired 1,127 days ago
David Steinberg interviews Sarah Silverman and Garry Shandling.
aired 1,137 days ago
David Steinberg interviews Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David.
aired 1,145 days ago
Eric Idle; Bob Einstein.
aired 1,151 days ago
Dick Van Dyke.
aired 1,152 days ago
Andrew "Dice" Clay; Kevin Nealon.
aired 1,156 days ago
Fred Willard; Catherine O'Hara.
aired 1,159 days ago
Jonah Hill; Alan Arkin.
aired 1,163 days ago
David Steinberg talks to Chris Rock.
aired 1,177 days ago
Bette Midler; Richard Belzer.
aired 1,177 days ago
Jimmy Fallon; Zach Galifianakis.

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