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Though he looks like a perfectly happy and successful man, defense barrister William Travers has yet to recover completely from a traumatic series of events that left him without faith in the legal system. Despite this, he returns to the courtroom when an old friend, Martin Newall, finds himself facing murder and conspiracy charges while being investigated by spiteful detective DS Mark Wenborn. This psychological thriller examines morality and the question of what a defense barrister is to do after finding out that his client is guilty.

Latest episodes

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Travers learns the murder victim was looking for information on a scandal caused by Martin's employer.
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Travers finds evidence regarding the murder victim which could hurt Martin's case.
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Travers keeps looking for proof of Martin's innocence, questioning a chambermaid.
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Travers visits his old friend Martin Newall to hear about the murder case and learns about a possible conspiracy.
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William Travers reluctantly returns to London to represent an old friend accused of killing an intern.

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