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How To Survive the End of the World

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Latest episodes

aired 1,021 days ago
The consequences of flash floods and rising sea levels, and how water might come to Earth from space and wreak havoc; ways to combat the rising tides.
aired 1,028 days ago
Exploring the inherent dangers of nanorobotics and whether manmade technology could someday lead us to the brink of extinction.
aired 1,171 days ago
Examining what might happen if Earth's environmental balance shifts, causing disasters such as super tornadoes, gamma ray lightning, ball lightning and a giant hurricane that consumes the globe.
aired 1,199 days ago
Explore the very real, and very deadly, science of volcanic activity on Earth.
aired 1,206 days ago
Discover how an infectious disease could lead to a zombie apocalypse, turning this horror into more than a concept of fiction.
aired 1,213 days ago
Imagine a dark force pulling Earth out of its orbit and throwing it into an eternal ice age.