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How the World Ends

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Explores the most noteworthy and notorious predictions for the destruction of humanity and the earth, and examines widely-held beliefs about how the world will end.

Latest episodes

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A look back at the terrible epidemics and diseases that have decimated entire populations in the course of human history, as well as a look ahead to the planet's future risks.
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The Cold War might be long gone, but the nuclear threat has re-emerge.
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With the recent discoveries of thousands of other planets in the universe, scientists begin to wonder if one day Earth could be invaded by alien creatures.
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Exploring the theory that a hidden planet has a gravitational force strong enough to cause mass extinctions in the past and destroy Earth in the future.
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Discover the past & future of apocalyptic beliefs, the lengths people will go to ready for the end, and the dark side of End Times prophecy.
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Nostradamus' cryptic prophecies have predicted some of the most dramatic and tragic events in history with chilling accuracy. There are many among his followers who say that he was not sealing us to this fate but warning us against it.