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As the title clearly implies, this spinoff of one of HGTV's most popular programs focuses on the challenges faced by an entire family when searching for their perfect home. The wants and needs of parents might not be the best options for children -- and vice versa -- and when kids with minds of their own make their opinions known, anything can happen. Each half-hour episode features mom, dad, and the kiddos touring three properties before finally coming to a consensus on the house they all love the best.

Latest episodes

aired 288 days ago
A family of eight takes on the task of finding a large enough home in Salt Lake City, Utah, that has bedrooms for everyone. Their dream home would have a large open floor plan and a master bedroom suite, which acts as a sanctuary for Mom and Dad.
aired 295 days ago
An active family of five is ready to start a new chapter after leaving their storm-damaged home; they're hoping to find a real improvement in Papillion, Nebraska, with a real office space for mom and separate bedrooms for the kids.
aired 302 days ago
A busy family of five looks to get out of a rental and move into a new house in Kansas City, Kan., with more communal space, an open floor plan, full bathrooms for three growing girls and enough yard for their active dog.
aired 309 days ago
A family of three just got a brand-new family member and it's time for them to find a house that gives them room to grow in Durham, N.C.; mom works from home, their growing teen needs her privacy, and everyone needs space to bond with the new baby.
aired 316 days ago
A family of five is searching for a larger home for everyone in Thousand Oaks, Calif.; Mom wants a turnkey house with hardwood floors, but Dad wouldn't mind a fixer upper, and their growing kids all want their own space and a backyard pool.
aired 323 days ago
A family looks to buy a new home as close as possible to the local lakes in Winter Garden, Fla.; they're ready for a lifestyle closer to the water but finding a home that's both move-in-ready and has great lake views proves to be a challenge.
aired 330 days ago
Three children help their dad select a new home where they can spread their wings in Austin, Texas; after viewing a wide range of properties, the family will have to come to an agreement on city versus country living.
aired 337 days ago
A family of four is ready to leave their cramped starter home for a spacious new home in Macon, Ga.; dad wants a finished basement, mom needs both a home office and gourmet kitchen, and the boys want their own bedrooms.
aired 344 days ago
A family seeks a spacious property in the growing suburb of Parkland, Fla.; looking for more space to accommodate growing twins, the family hopes to find a home with an open floor plan, outdoor pool, gourmet kitchen and more.
aired 351 days ago
A family is ready to buy their first home in the Austin, Texas, suburb of Cedar Park; the family has many items on their checklist, including a big backyard, a gourmet kitchen and an extra bonus space to act as the family's exercise room.

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