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Garfield and Friends

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The lazy cat has fun with his friends.

Latest episodes

aired today
Garfield is too tired, so the director gives Odie his own cartoon; Odie does a trick for Garfield.
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Garfield becomes a victim of an automatic dog washer; Orson gives a lecture; Cactus Jack gets fired.
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"Twice Told Tale"; "Orson Goes on Vacation"; "Wedding Bell Blues"; "You Deserve Better."
aired 6 days ago
Odie helps Garfield out of a tree, and then they go to a ski lodge with Jon.
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Garfield adjusts his clock, struggles to find comfort in his bed and meets his fairy godfather.
aired 8 days ago
Odie's drooling leads to Garfield ending up in a diaper; a friendly alien lands in Jon's backyard.
aired 11 days ago
Garfield gets the mailman fired; Garfield tells Odie what the vet will do to him.
aired 12 days ago
Laundry becomes a point of conflict when Jon and Garfield want to use the washing machine.
aired 13 days ago
While at a Chinese restaurant, Jon and Garfield hear the story of the dragon and the cat.
aired 14 days ago
Garfield concocts a plan to get some cookies; Garfield tries to make his coffee stronger.
aired 15 days ago
Garfield ties a knot in the phone cord; Garfield tries to send Nermal to Abu Dabi.
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Garfield and Odie are in a ritzy pet hotel; Garfield wakes up in the wrong cartoon.
aired 19 days ago
Jon is told to buy a new TV set when his old one breaks; an animal activist thinks Garfield is starving.
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Jon has a midnight snack; Garfield makes a local talk show host regret his anti-cat comments.
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Garfield becomes guilt-ridden when he believes he caused Jon to get rid of Odie.
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Garfield feels ignored; Orson has a dream that he's a captain of a starship; Garfield hosts a TV show.
aired 26 days ago
Garfield can't resist being a cat; Garfield and mini-malls; Roy wants to have a snowball fight.
aired 27 days ago
Jon, Odie and Nermal's attempt to go on a picnic is seen as a basketball game.
aired 29 days ago
Jon bets Garfield that he can't go 24 hours without TV; Garfield finds a really big ball of string.
aired 32 days ago
Garfield juggles apples and teases Nermal about giant guppies.
aired 33 days ago
Garfield makes Jon a snack and has a run-in with the Jon's cousin's child.

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