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Garfield and Friends

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The lazy cat has fun with his friends.

Latest episodes

aired 158 days ago
"One Good Fern Deserves Another"; "The Goodie-Go-'Round"; "The Black Book"; "Food Fun."
aired 160 days ago
"Pest of a Guest"; "Impractical Joker"; "Fat and Fury"; "Charades."
aired 171 days ago
Garfield decides to find a new home with a wealthy family; Floyd the mouse realizes that Garfield doesn't chase mice and invites his entire family to Jon's house.
aired 172 days ago
"Count Lasagna"; "Mystery Guest"; "Rodent Rampage"; "Helping Hand."
aired 174 days ago
"Return of the Buddy Bears"; "Much Ado About Lanolin"; "Reigning Cats and Dogs"; "Swiss Cheese."
aired 178 days ago
"Twice Told Tale"; "Orson Goes on Vacation"; "Wedding Bell Blues"; "You Deserve Better."
aired 185 days ago
The gang visits Cactus Jack on his ranch; Garfield discovers a group of small, green people who use food as currency.
aired 188 days ago
Garfield inherits a cursed diamond; the folks on the farm decide to clean up; Jon plays host to a lady friend.
aired 835 days ago
Garfield finds adventure with a cardboard box; Jon sends Garfield to the Stonewall Obedience School.
aired 846 days ago
"Hound of the Arbuckles"; "Read Alert"; "Urban Arbuckle"; "Party."

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