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Alice and her best friend, an energetic unicorn, explore their differences and soon realize, that sometimes friendships are formed between different people, or animals.

Latest episodes

aired 277 days ago
Alice and her friends decorate the holiday tree, but Unicorn's antics threaten their work; Unicorn and Alice play Santa and his elf for the kids at a department store.
aired 333 days ago
Alice can't wait to take Unicorn trick-or-treating; Alice makes Unicorn a new friend.
aired 466 days ago
Alice and her friends search for Bigfoot; Alice tries to get to the bottom of Unicorn and his friend's plan.
aired 473 days ago
Alice and Unicorn dream about helping Inspector Brioche; Unicorn helps Alice with her hall monitor duties.
aired 480 days ago
Unicorn accidentally breaks Alice's robot, jeopardising her chances of joining a robotics society. Alice takes care of the class guinea pig.
aired 494 days ago
Unicorn's horn accidentally brings a snowman to life; Alice, Unicorn, Pixie and Ollie start a toboggan racing team.
aired 494 days ago
Alice invents a device to help her audition for a musical; in a game of Capture the Unicorn, Alice is teamed up with her greatest nemesis.
aired 501 days ago
Alice and her friends look for a cure for unipox; Alice asks Unicorn to teach her the art of pranking.
aired 508 days ago
When Alice finds a beehive, Unicorn becomes their queen bee; the family tries an escape room.
aired 515 days ago
Alice, Unicorn and Ollie attend a space-themed camp; Alice wires the house so it will clean itself.
aired 522 days ago
Alice and her karate classmates get ballet training before an exhibition; Alice is on a mission to prove that Unicorn isn't a figment of her imagination.
aired 522 days ago
Unicorn is hypnotized into thinking that he's a chicken; Alice accidentally breaks Unicorn's horn.
aired 529 days ago
Alice and her friends are convinced there's a buried treasure; Alice investigates where Unicorn's magic comes from.
aired 529 days ago
Alice plans a party for her parents; Alice makes a movie about Marie Curie.
aired 536 days ago
Unicorn gets stuck inside a water slide; Alice and her friends act as Tooth Fairy for Unicorn.
aired 536 days ago
Alice and her best friend, an energetic unicorn, explore their differences and soon realize, that sometimes friendships are formed between different people, or animals.
aired 543 days ago
Unicorn helps Alice and her mom audition for a game show; Unicorn is asked to judge a model building competition.
aired 543 days ago
Unicorn fears that he'll lose his best friend when Alice becomes enamored with her councilor; Unicorn disguises himself as a famous artist.
aired 550 days ago
Alice and Pixie work on the outfits for the class fashion show.
aired 550 days ago
Unicorn turns Alice's poetry slam competition into a rap-off; Unicorn disguises herself for Alice's science camp interview.
aired 557 days ago
Unicorn takes off with the football team's mascot by mistake; Unicorn's cheering distracts Alice at her karate belt test.

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