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Fish Tank Kings

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Creating one-of-a-kind aquariums is Living Color in South Florida, whose specialists fulfill the wild aquatic requests of their fish-loving clientele. This series chronicles the company's day-to-day operation, which is overseen by President Mat Roy and supported by marine life specialist Francis Yupangco, designers and construction supervisors Jose Blanco and Ben Alia, and life support system designer John Manning, who creates intricate systems in small spaces that ultimately keep the exotic creatures inside the tanks healthy. In addition to building imaginative aquariums, the guys at Living Color also swim to the depths of oceans to retrieve deadly and exotic sea creatures to feature in their work.

Latest episodes

aired 1,240 days ago
Matt promises rarely seen deep-sea fish for an exhibit at the Florida Aquarium; a 3,000-gallon tank for a repeat corporate client.
aired 1,241 days ago
A client wants a temporary aquarium built in just two weeks; a total reef makeover in Florida.
aired 1,241 days ago
An aquarium enthusiast wants a live coral tank; former NBA player has a big heart.
aired 1,241 days ago
Two tight turnarounds including a Vegas redesign and relocating a nurse shark that has outgrown her aquarium.
aired 1,241 days ago
A custom aquarium for NASCAR champ Ryan Hunter-Reay; a complicated rock feature for an imperiled octopus.
aired 1,241 days ago
An orthodontist wants something new and completely unique for his aquarium.
aired 1,241 days ago
Redesign on a huge canopy aquarium; tank of deadly predator fish.

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