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Fish My City With Mike Iaconelli

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Professional bass fisherman and TV personality Mike "Ike" Iaconelli searches for the world's most iconic fish living alongside some of the world's busiest concrete jungles.

Latest episodes

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In Taiwan, Mike searches for three species of city-dwelling fish that personify the fascinating island, including a drain-dwelling monster that originally escaped from fish farms and a true monster with a reputation for biting its prey clean in half.
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Mike travels to London in search of three of the great city's most iconic fish species; to find them, he must explore London's many urban waterways and uncover the ancient city's long fishing history.
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Mike travels to Austin, Texas, in search of three of the state's most amazing fish, including one that is so rare it is found nowhere else on the planet.
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Mike heads to New York City looking for the iconic striped bass.
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Mike challenges himself to catch six different species of fish in Miami: three exotic species that have all traveled a long way to make themselves at home in the city's freshwater canals, and three saltwater classics.
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Mike travels to New Orleans in search of three of the city's most iconic fish species, but it won't be easy.