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Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery

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The docudrama examines the value and authenticity of six objects that could provide clues to physical traces of Jesus. The artifacts are the Shroud of Turin; relics venerated as part of the True Cross; the gospel of Judas; relics believed to be of John the Baptist; the burial box of Jesus' brother James; and the gospel of Mary Magdalene. Hourlong episodes utilize modern scientific techniques and archaeological research to document findings, and Gospel characters and stories connected to the artifacts are given dramatic re-enactments. On-screen commentary by noted theologians helps bring the characters and their emotional journeys to life, while academics from top universities provide historical and theological insight.

Latest episodes

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Investigating whether pieces of the cross Jesus died on still exist today.
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Mary's relationship with Jesus can possibly be best explained by ancient texts that were preserved by the sands of time in Egypt.
aired 326 days ago
The history of St Peter's relics, including those rediscovered under St Peter's Basilica in the 1940s.
aired 326 days ago
An examination of Thomas' story outside the New Testament, in particular the Christian traditions connecting him with India.
aired 326 days ago
Exploring the Tomb of King Herod, a huge news story when it was unearthed by Israeli archaeologist Ehud Netzer in 2007, and examining if it really belongs to the king.
VOD available
Exploring the possibility of a linen cloth bearing the image of a crucified man being the same shroud that Jesus was wrapped in.
aired 326 days ago
The archaeological investigation zeroes in on crucial artifacts that connect to Pontius Pilate -- the inscription on the Stone that proves his existence, as well as the recent discovery of Herod the Great's Jerusalem Palace.
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Egyptian burial cave contains an ancient codex that may solve the riddle of Judas' infamous betrayal of Jesus.
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An uncovered finger bone is believed to have belonged to John the Baptist, raising a barrage of questions about the man himself.
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The extraordinary story of Jesus' brother James is brought to light with the discovery of a 2,000-year-old burial box.
aired 327 days ago
Unpacking the archaeology of the first-century house believed to be the childhood home of Jesus; exploring the known facts about Jesus' early life and depicting his formative relationship with his mother, Mary.
aired 328 days ago
Investigating the Orthodox tradition connecting Lazarus and his relics with the Mediterranean island of Cyprus; it explains the raising of a man four days dead and goes on to explore the consequences.

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