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The Real Jesus of Nazareth

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Robert Powell portrayed Jesus Christ in the Emmy-nominated 1977 miniseries "Jesus of Nazareth" and now, decades later, he takes a journey through modern Israel in an attempt to reconstruct the story of the man who changed history. While there, he meets archaeologists and scholars who help him on his quest to learn more about Jesus. This limited series intersperses footage from the miniseries with Powell's current-day excursion to illustrate how the Holy Land has changed over the course of 40 years as the actor seeks clues to the real historical figure who inspired Christianity.

Latest episodes

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A look at the final days of Jesus the man, based on archaeological finds and opinions of historians and theologians.
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Following the growth of Jesus's ministry as he gathers his disciples, builds his following, and takes his message to Jerusalem.
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Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist; Jesus' message that formed the basis of the future Christian religion.
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A look into Jesus's childhood and adolescence until his reappearance in the Gospels.

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