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Final Appeal

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Exonoree and former football star Brian Banks teams up with former prosecutor Lori Coombs to uncover the truth behind controversial cases that may have led to wrongful convictions. In 2002, Brian Banks served more than five years behind bars for being falsely convicted of rape. Now, he works with Lori Coombs, who is a former criminal prosecutor with 20 years of experience. Together, this duo breaks down the criminal cases to the core. Join Banks and Coombs on an emotional and perplexing journey through different prisoners' lives.

Latest episodes

aired 398 days ago
Brian and Loni head to North Carolina to reexamine the case against convicted murderer Dontae Sharpe, who has maintained his innocence since 1994; after a witness comes forward with new information, Sharpe may have a chance at exoneration.
aired 544 days ago
A young mother has been behind bars, convicted of vehicular manslaughter since 2008; Loni and Brian take a closer look at the details surrounding her case, and question whether or not she received a fair trial.
aired 544 days ago
Brian and Loni explore the case of Cleve Heidelberg, whose been behind bars for more than 45 years; with help from his estranged son could, Cleve tries be exonerated for the murder he was convicted of committing all those years ago.
aired 544 days ago
Brian Banks and Loni Coombs take an intimate look at the case of Patty Prewitt, who spent over 30 years behind bars for the murder of her husband.

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