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Cousins Naomi, Drew and Chitoka nearly weigh a combined 2,000 pounds. With the help of Dr. Charles Procter Jr., the desperate cousins attempt to overcome anxieties and live healthier lives, and this series follows their progress. It begins with Naomi's mom, Beverly, undergoing weight-loss surgery, which she hopes will inspire her daughter, niece and nephew to follow her footsteps. Despite seeing the complications involved in her mom's recovery, Naomi is motivated by her dream to start a family. Drew, meanwhile, needs to realize how addictive his eating habits have become, and Chitoka -- bed-bound for more than three years -- must literally take steps forward before qualifying for surgery.

Latest episodes

aired 87 days ago
Shavonne undergoes high-risk bariatric surgery; Chitoka struggles to lose enough weight to be approved for skin tightening surgery; Drew works up the courage to go on another date; the family throws a party for Shavonne to reveal her weight loss.
aired 88 days ago
The members of the Anderson family work through their issues in group therapy; Chitoka and Shavonne face the painful memories that have kept them from losing more weight.
aired 95 days ago
Shavonne calls out the family for not losing weight; Naomi gets devastating news that might derail her goals for good; Drew attempts to re-enter the dating world for the first time in a decade; Chitoka tries to get back on track.
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The family comes together to support Amy on her tough road to recovery; as Ed's surgery rapidly approaches, his daughters start expressing their concerns; Casey starts questioning surgery more than ever after watching Amy go through post-op.
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Casey reaches a boiling point with his parents when they blame his morbid obesity on video games; Amanda starts having pains post-surgery that send her to the E.R.; Amy makes major lifestyle changes in the hopes of being approved for surgery.
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Amanda undergoes bariatric surgery in the hopes of losing enough weight to treat her cancer; Casey meets with Dr. Procter and is told he'll die if he doesn't lose weight; the family has a pool party and Casey confronts Ed over his name-calling.
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Cousins Casey, Amanda, Amy and Ed are morbidly obese; when Amanda decides to have bariatric surgery, the family considers doing the same.
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After years of being bedridden, Chitoka's surgery day is finally here, but her size makes the procedure extremely dangerous; Naomi shares a secret with her friends; the cousins reveal their startling transformations at Beverly's birthday party.
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The family anxiously wait while Drew undergoes surgery; Chitoka surprises even the doctor when she pushes herself further than ever before; things take an unexpected turn when Naomi and her boyfriend go on their first dinner date after surgery.
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Chitoka attempts to walk outside for the first time in years; Naomi finds some things remain the same post-surgery; Drew risks getting his surgery canceled entirely if he doesn't fight for it and lose weight.
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After struggling with her liquid diet, Naomi learns if she is approved for surgery; Drew's new weigh-in leads him down a slippery path; family tragedy motivates Chitoka to try to become more mobile, starting by trying to leave her bedroom.
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Stressed out Naomi struggles with her liquid diet and may reach her breaking point; Drew wants to have the weight loss surgery, but when he steps on a scale he's thrown off entirely; bed-bound Chitoka asks Dr. Procter for a house call.
VOD available
When Beverly has weight loss surgery, three cousins are inspired to begin their own weight loss.

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