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A two-part documentary follows morbidly obese little people during their long, arduous journey to lose weight. "I'm wider than I am tall," says Chuck Love, who is 3 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 164 pounds at the start of the program. The aspiring radio host is profiled along with 3-foot-9 inch, 215-pound Ayanna Brown. Part of the problem, Brown reasons, is "our height plateaus and then our weight increases." Love and Brown work with personal trainer and sports nutritionist Allison Warrell, who can sympathize with her clients. A little person herself, Warrell once struggled with her weight but turned her life around and now competes as a bodybuilder.

Latest episodes

aired 69 days ago
Having made big weight losses since last seeing Allison, Ayanna looks to build momentum; Chuck has made solid progress, but gets derailed after injuring his knee during a workout.
aired 69 days ago
Little people suffering from morbid obesity embark on a weight loss journey led by fitness guru and fellow little person Allison Warrell.

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