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ESPN starts every Sunday with a story. This weekly, hourlong newsmagazine features a mix of investigative reports, big-name profiles, interviews, global issues, stories that show why sports matter, and quirky tales from off the beaten path. Bob Ley, the network's longest-serving commentator, and senior news correspondent Jeremy Schaap host the award-winning series.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
ESPN's morning sports magazine show, featuring the biggest names and stories in sports.
aired 10 days ago
MLB star Carlos Correa travels to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the hurricane that destroyed his homeland; outspoken Redskins cornerback Josh Norman reveals his unique back story; one of the most unforgettable moments in hockey.
aired 14 days ago
In September 1988, the sports world was transfixed by two players chasing baseball history. 20 years later, after allegations of PED use and other criticisms, Sammy Sosa grants a rare interview and look into his personal life.
aired 17 days ago
Love him or hate him, Travis Kelce reveals a side reserved only for big brother, Jason Kelce; nearly one year after unthinkable tragedy in Las Vegas, a story of love and strength.
aired 27 days ago
Start your Sunday with a story. Notre Dame football - a tragic accident - and the legacy of Declan Sullivan. Also, an NFL story you have to see to believe.
VOD available
Lisa Salters tells the powerful story of former NBA superstar Penny Hardaway and his childhood friend Desmond Merriweather, a middle school basketball coach who was stricken with cancer and needed Hardaway's help on the bench.
airs today
A year in the life of transgender high school track and field sprinter Matt Dawkins, an athlete just trying to be himself.
airs today
This is a story about a boy and his dog. Together, Owen and Haatchi, with their improbable winning streak and their remarkable bond, are like nothing you have ever seen.
aired 38 days ago
A star on the USWNT and a star on the Philadelphia Eagles -- sports power couple, Julie and Zach Ertz. Also, Hall of Fame inductee Randy Moss and the world's most devoted Cleveland Browns fans.
VOD available
Over four years after videographer Declan Sullivan died while filming a Notre Football practice, his family and friends continue to build his legacy. Also, a story from the NFL.
aired 54 days ago
E:60 follows the football team from C.E. King, one of the most damaged high schools in Houston following Hurricane Harvey; And, an-in depth profile on the Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry.
aired 60 days ago
With a 100 mph fastball, Michael Kopech looks to become an MLB star; an in-depth profile of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr; the tale behind the New York Yankees' long-forgotten mascot.
aired 68 days ago
She's a star on the USWNT, he's a star on the Philadelphia Eagles - meet power couple, Julie and Zach Ertz; the Emmy winning story of Jake Olson, the USC long-snapper who became the first blind player in college football to play in a Division I game.
aired 69 days ago
The controversy surrounding one of the top high school football teams in the country; a profile on Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey; Hall of Fame inductee Randy Moss' bust from sculptor Blair Buswell.
aired 76 days ago
Love him or hate him, the Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce reveals a side many haven't seen when it comes to his big brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce. Also, rare off-the-field access with Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout.
aired 87 days ago
The "Hefty Lefty" was a star quarterback at Kentucky, now Jared Lorenzen is fighting for his life; the true-crime story of a popular boxing coach, a murder-for-hire and a shocking ending.
aired 90 days ago
The story behind one of the most tragic and transcendent events in soccer history - the 2016 Chapecoense soccer club plane crash.
aired 97 days ago
Since 1876, there have been over 215,000 major leagues games played. Only 23 have been perfect. E:60 chronicles one of the rarest feats in all of the sports from the perspective of 15 of the pitchers who achieved perfection.
VOD available
Jeremy Schaap sits down with fallen Cubs icon Sammy Sosa; the story behind an incredible discovery and ultimate closure for the family of an astronaut.
aired 110 days ago
Mike Evans chats with Lisa Salters about the night his father was murdered and his journey to forgiveness; a profile of the financial analyst who exposes those trying to cheat in the sport of marathon.
aired 111 days ago
Rafael Palmeiro opens-up about his dark baseball past, attempting a come-back, and playing alongside his son; Ernie Johnson and his unique relationship with his son who has special needs; the one place where pro golf gets crazy.

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Longtime CBS Sunday night staple "60 Minutes" has become synonymous with investigative journalism since its 1968 debut and has spawned genre-specific variations on a number of cable networks, most of which feature repackaged versions of previously aired "60 Minutes" reports. This monthly, sports-focused version on CBS corporate sibling Showtime bucks the repackaging trend by featuring original reporting from veteran journalists, including lead correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi, longtime sports journalist Armen Keteyian and "60 Minutes" correspondents Anderson Cooper, Lara Logan and Scott Pelley. In addition to original segments, which range in content from investigative reports to interviews and profiles of sports figures, episodes feature updated classic sports stories from the "60 Minutes" archive.
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The debate is the story in this fast-paced, half-hour series hosted by former Washington Post sportswriters Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. The pair engage in high-energy discussions, conduct interviews and often argue over topics not even related to sports. Other sports reporters appear as guests and offer opinions on the top stories of the day.
As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, ESPN looks back at notable sports happenings that occurred from 1979 to 2009 with this documentary series featuring 30 films from some of Hollywood's finest directors and producers. Peter Berg, Barry Levinson, John Singleton, Spike Jonze, Dan Klores, Barbara Kopple, Ron Shelton and Albert Maysles are among the filmmakers involved, and the stories told include the shocking trade of Wayne Gretzky in 1988, the Baltimore Colts' nighttime move in 1984, Reggie Miller's rivalry with the New York Knicks, the death of Len Bias in 1986, a profile of George Steinbrenner and his family business, and a look at Michael Jordan's attempt at a baseball career. A new series of 30 films premiered in October 2012 with "Broke," about the challenges athletes face in managing their money.
While "SportsNation" is hosted by Cari Champion, Marcellus Wiley and LZ Granderson, it's really powered by the people, fueled by fan interaction and focused on fun. The lighthearted, hourlong weekday series attracts the youngest demographic of all of ESPN's studio shows, and it's different than many of the network's offerings in that fan engagement and clever, imaginative segments are at the heart of the program. While they day's hottest and weirdest sports topics are covered, also included is discussion of the smaller stories that people are taking about on the internet but often aren't seen on TV.