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Nine for IX

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Documentary series celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX.

Latest episodes

aired 10 days ago
A unique look at the U.S. soccer team that changed the face of women's sports.
aired 10 days ago
An in-depth look at the legendary University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers coach, Pat Summitt, from her exceptional career to her new life fighting early-onset Alzheimer's.
aired 48 days ago
The life and death of deep-water free diver Audrey Mestre.
aired 461 days ago
The story of Sheryl Swoopes.
aired 654 days ago
Venus Williams changes the course of women's tennis by challenging the practice of paying women tennis players less than their male counterparts at Wimbledon.
aired 661 days ago
Examining the issue of females working in sports locker rooms.
aired 732 days ago
Figure skater Katarina Witt fights for her future in East Germany and faces the changes that occur after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
VOD available
Examining the double standard placed on female athletes.

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