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Driving Me Crazy

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Unlicensed teens and their parents team up to pass a driver's test.

Latest episodes

aired 197 days ago
Ethan is distracted and has too much confidence, while his dad is very controlling; Shyeema's mom prays for safety.
aired 366 days ago
Kamrie deals with an old circus trick while her dad juggles his teaching techniques; Jake is a free spirit.
aired 368 days ago
Jeanette tries to teach her daughter the rules of the road; Molly giggles through the course.
aired 369 days ago
Serena has focus issues that create tension between her and her mom; Abby needs help from a close friend.
aired 370 days ago
Masi realizes driving a car is harder than it looks; Amanda has a shaky start.
aired 371 days ago
Sisters are coached by their parents; Helena thinks she's the best driver ever; Emily is instructed by her father.
aired 372 days ago
Talitha and her cousin compete; Isaiah bends the rules and pulls a prank.
aired 373 days ago
Mackenzie's mom tries to help her control her aggression; Schyler wants to pass the test for his beloved Papa.
aired 374 days ago
Shailyn's police officer father keeps a close eye on her; Talia makes a bet with her mother.
aired 375 days ago
Jordan tries to win a bet with his dad; Jessica and her mom are energetic.
aired 376 days ago
Hunter and his mom have a blast on the course; Leah recruits her friend's mom to help her.
aired 377 days ago
Cheyan's mother has a SnapChat obsession; Serena needs to concentrate.
aired 378 days ago
Ayla and her mom, Sheila, wear tutus to give them a lucky boost behind the wheel; Dirk's inspired sports advice helps his son Sean work through a complicated challenge.
aired 379 days ago
Jennifer's tentative advice causes her daughter to lose her patience; Mitch takes his mom's convertible through the course.
aired 380 days ago
Michelle's sister tries to keep her focus on the road; Connor has confidence.
aired 381 days ago
Rahil is excited, while his father remains calm; Aaliyah has trouble listening.
aired 382 days ago
Patrick wants a car to impress girls; Sandy is overconfident.
aired 383 days ago
Two teams are inspired by their pets; Sophie has cat-like reflexes; Nico is enthusiastic.
aired 384 days ago
The letters on the gearshift confuse Cheyenne; a mom shows her child how it's done; Jacob is distracted.
aired 385 days ago
Leo wants to be able to escape from zombies; Lauren is a timid driver.