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Dr. Roberts is an absent-minded professor who runs Dream Corp, a neglected dream therapy facility. Desperate patients come to the facility to have their dreams recorded and analyzed by Roberts and his team of scientists, who don't exactly excel at their jobs. The live-action series utilizes rotoscope-animated segments to distinguish between dreams and reality, leading to a mind-bending visual experience. The workplace comedy has a strong pedigree in the genre, with Stephen Merchant and Jon Krasinski, who starred in the British and American versions, respectively, of "The Office," serving as executive producers.

Latest episodes

aired 134 days ago
88 eats Ahmed's pickle without knowing that the pickle has been pickled; the journey begins.
aired 134 days ago
Patient 30 visits Dream Corp LLC for treatment of a long list of symptoms; a chemical spill in the lab puts the facility on lockdown; a new side of Ahmed is revealed while 88 is put in grave danger.
VOD available
88 goes under to get treatment for his confidence; Dr. Roberts tests a groundbreaking new technology.
VOD available
A dejected Mr. Simzer brings his teenage son to Dream Corp LLC for treatment, but the staff realizes his son isn't the only one who needs Dream Therapy; Randy loves Mama's Meat Pops.
VOD available
Roberts' old roommate, Bill Ruff, pays a visit to Dream Corp LLC under the guise of selling bad office artwork; everyone in the staff is charmed except for 88, who makes it his mission to expose Bill's real intentions.
VOD available
A very pregnant Patient 6 visits Dream Corp LLC desperate to be cured of her strange addiction to eating couch cushions; Randy makes a cyst-popping video.
aired 155 days ago
When Patient 62 develops amnesia during a routine arachnophobia treatment, Dr. Roberts attempts to cure him by hand using fundamentals; Randy gets catfished.
aired 155 days ago
Patient 13 returns for Dream Therapy; after canceling her last four appointments, Dr. Roberts cautiously agrees to treat her; 88 survives a dog attack.
aired 162 days ago
Patient 37 visits Dream Corp LLC for his debilitating fear of confined spaces; T.E.R.R.Y. discovers the internet.
aired 162 days ago
Patient 21 is afraid to fall asleep; after a parasomnia episode injures new intern Bea, Dr. Roberts drops in to the patient's dream to guide him through the wake of his fears.
aired 169 days ago
A leak forces the staff to evacuate during dream maintenance; Joey is left behind in the dream world.
aired 169 days ago
Dr. Roberts works with a patient who suffers from severe OCD; T.E.R.R.Y. and 88 compete for affection.
aired 176 days ago
T.E.R.R.Y. the robot feels outdated when he turns twenty-one, and the staff tries to cure his depression.
aired 176 days ago
Patients 86 and 103 confront their biggest fears and relationship phobias with help from The Predator and Randy loses a limb.
aired 183 days ago
Elderly Patient 54 wants to quit smoking; Patient 88 gets stabbed in the neck.
VOD available
Patient 88 visits Dream Corp to cure his romantic problems, but his card gets declined by Dr. Roberts.
aired 531 days ago
Dr. Roberts wrangles Randy for his biannual session; T.E.R.R.Y. struggles with his conscience.
aired 531 days ago
Skin-to-skin contact feels like fire to Patient 66; with a history of minimal human touch or relationships, Dr. Roberts prescribes her a Dream Date.
aired 538 days ago
Patient 75 comes to Dream Corp LLC to help clean up his life and regain the respect of his children; T.E.R.R.Y. introduces the staff to his new friend Leonard.
aired 575 days ago
Patient 101 is wheeled in as part of a court-ordered evaluation; Dr. Roberts struggles to navigate Patient 101's subconscious and calls on the entire staff to help contain their most challenging patient to date.
aired 1,337 days ago
Patient 88 visits Dream Corp to cure his romantic problems; Elderly Patient 54 wants to quit smoking.

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