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Disasters at Sea

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Shipwrecks of massive scale have rocked the world and baffled investigators, as the truth of what happened is often lost to the depths of the ocean. This series examines some of the most mysterious sea disasters within the past 50 years. These include an icy fight for survival on an Antarctic cruise, the mysterious sinking of cargo carrier MV Derbyshire in 1980, and the largest cold water rescue in the history of the U.S. Coast Guard. Investigators look into the true story of the Mary Celeste, what was left behind in shipwrecks, and what might cause a crew to abandon ship.

Latest episodes

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The MV Andrew J. Barberi ferry boat is traveling to Staten Island with 1,500 passengers; as it nears its destination, the ship continues full steam ahead and slams into the maintenance pier, killing 11 on board and injuring 57 others.
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In March 2009, family-owned scallop fishing boat the Lady Mary sinks off the coast of New Jersey, killing six crew members and leaving only one survivor.
aired 15 days ago
Investigators struggle to understand the sinking of the Arctic Rose fishing vessel off the coast of Alaska, which claimed the lives of 15 fishermen; experts determine that rough seas and frigid temperatures caused the deadly fishing disaster.
aired 22 days ago
On March 21, 2006, the MV Queen of the North is on an overnight trip along Canada's west coast when the ship hits a rock, the hull is torn open and water pours into the engine room.
aired 29 days ago
The MS Norman Atlantic ferry is engulfed in fire while transporting passengers and vehicles from Greece to Italy during the holiday rush.
aired 36 days ago
Bound from Jacksonville, Fla., to San Juan, Puerto Rico, crew members on the SS El Faro containership find themselves just 20 miles from the eye of a hurricane; after the ship goes missing, investigators ask why the crew took such a deadly course.
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Deadly flooding sinks the Alaska Ranger in March 2008, forcing the crew to abandon ship into the frigid waters off the coast of Alaska; their retrieval marks the largest cold water rescue in the history of the U.S. Coast Guard.
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The crew of a bulk carrier finds itself in mortal danger after assisting a ship in distress in the stormy Atlantic.
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When a violent crack tears the MSC Napoli apart in January 2017, the crew is left stranded in the English Channel; rescuers must retrieve the crew and move the ship away from busy shipping lanes; investigators discover an alarming design flaw.
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A February 2007 adventure cruise ends in disaster when MV Explorer sinks in Antarctica, stranding 144 passengers and crew in inflatable rafts to face the sub-arctic temperatures of the South Pole.
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Investigators struggle to determine why the world's largest rock discharge carrier capsized in a Norwegian shipping channel.
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When a massive bulk carrier is swallowed up by a typhoon, the crew's grieving families form their own investigation.

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