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Don't Feed the Humans

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Jack is a totally self-centered and immature dude who is abducted and brought to an alien zoo to replace his recently deceased father -- a father he thought had abandoned him as a child. But Jack's selfishness immediately clashes with the tyrannical alien zookeeper, as well as the collection of humans from different time periods who are now his new roommates. Alongside an over-the-hill Roman gladiator, a repressed 50s housewife, a rocker hillbilly from the 80s, and a handful of other misfits, Jack struggles with maturing as a person.

Latest episodes

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Alien zookeeper's interpretation of a human birthday party is more than just a little off.
aired 5 days ago
The alien zookeepers want the humans to put on a mating display to bring in more revenue.
airs in 8 days
An obnoxious reporter lives with the humans for a few days.
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The arrival of a new human makes Primus realize he has feelings for someone.
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Horf creates merchandise and zoo souvenirs based on the humans.
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A simple change in diet creates problems for the humans.