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Deep Undercover

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Former undercover agents involved in some of the world's most dangerous and famous criminal cases tell their stories.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Denver cop Joe Padilla infiltrates a thriving drug crew in the center of the Rocky Mountains.
aired 2 days ago
Ken Dye goes undercover for the St. Louis County Sheriff's Department to purchase illegal weapons and hears about a planned bank heist.
aired 4 days ago
Joanne Takasato works the streets as a small time druggie before she's assigned the task of taking down a dirty cop.
aired 5 days ago
Ken Storch of the Aurora, CO PD infiltrates the illegal activity of a local kingpin's operation to take him down and stumbles upon a murder for hire plot in the process.
aired 5 days ago
Detective John Arnold goes undercover to befriend a drug dealer flying in drugs right under the noses of the police.
aired 5 days ago
FBI agent Herman Groman infiltrates a group of crooked cops in Cleveland, Ohio, by setting up an illegal gambling operation to snare the cops who offer him protection, but the police are trained to detect deception.
aired 5 days ago
After years of small time drug deals, Nate Hutchinson goes undercover for the Weber County Sheriff's Department and pays a call to an illegal pot grower.
aired 6 days ago
Police officer, Alex Salinas, a baby-faced 22-year-old newly graduated from the Academy, poses as a high school senior who lands himself in detention to set up drug buys with fellow students.
aired 6 days ago
DEA agents Jay Dobyns and Louis Quinonez are sent to infiltrate the Aryan Brotherhood gang and take down a bomb-making operation, but while the duo builds a case against the bomb-maker, they stumble upon a murder committed by one of the Brotherhood.
aired 8 days ago
FBI agent Marc Pocoro infiltrates the Diablos motorcycle gang involved in drugs and stolen cars, but along the way, he's made as a cop.
aired 9 days ago
Free-lance undercover detective Bob Cerrone is hired by a Denver insurance company to investigate a series of insurance claims.
aired 10 days ago
State prosecutor Terry Hake works tirelessly to expose rampant corruption in the Cook County court system.
aired 11 days ago
Harlem's Heroin King, Nicky Barnes, learns ways to make himself untouchable after serving time for drug dealing.
aired 12 days ago
South Florida lawman, Jim Sweeting, partners with the DEA to infiltrate a network of drug dealers moving pot and coke via the Cayman Islands.
aired 12 days ago
FBI agent uses his bi-racial heritage and command of Japanese to infiltrate the notorious Yakuza mob that's smuggling meth into Hawaii; Jim's target is a tattoo covered hitman who demands the agent strip off his shirt during a drunken public dinner.
aired 12 days ago
FBI agent uses his skill as a financial crimes expert to befriend the leader of a Carolina anti-government militia who uses fraud and a Ponzi scheme to fund his operation.
aired 12 days ago
Houston cops Cliff Manning and Scott Davis go undercover to infiltrate a group of dog fighters by opening a dog pen club with hidden audio and video cameras to get evidence on everyone who attends their events.
aired 13 days ago
MA Cop Ernie Lijoi gets a tip that a crew of bank robbers are looking to sell $800,000 in stolen bonds, and works with the FBI and DEA to stop it.
aired 13 days ago
FBI agent Vince de la Montaigne infiltrates the powerful La Cosa Nostra mob, which has a stranglehold on organized crime in Boston.
aired 14 days ago
Mike McCommas acts as point man to the FBI's case against the Arizona Patriots, a white supremacist group and discovers that the gang is plotting an armored car heist and planning to kill the drivers before escaping into the desert.
aired 15 days ago
FBI agent Juan Jackson tries to build a case against police officers in the most corrupt city in America: New Orleans.

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