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Inside the American Mob

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Those who lived it and those who tried to kill it reveal in eye-opening detail the world of the U.S. Mafia. Former mobsters -- some speaking on camera for the first time -- informants and FBI agents expose the empire of the deadly, corrupt and unforgiving crime ring that gripped America for decades. Each episode examines a pivotal time frame that began in the 1970s and led to the present, and each makes use of recently declassified files, first-person accounts and archival clips, relating a roller coaster of violence, loyalty and wealth. Mobsters talk about the true meaning of La Cosa Nostra and what tricks they used to stay alive, while law enforcement officials offer rare details of dangerous undercover operations, highlighted by an in-depth interview with FBI legend Joe Pistone, whose five-year infiltration of the Bonanno crime family changed the mob forever.

Latest episodes

aired 28 days ago
It's the early '90s and the American mob has reached a low point as the heads of most of the five families have been imprisoned for life.
aired 28 days ago
La Cosa Nostra is ruling the streets of New York, but U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, is determined to bring an end to the violence and corruption.
aired 28 days ago
In 1980, one of the most successful mob families in America is in Philadelphia, but when old school don Angelo Bruno is assassinated, a bloody new era begins.
aired 28 days ago
It is 1978, and American law enforcement is at war with the American mob; the FBI has a secret weapon in agent Joe Pistone, AKA Donnie Brasco, who has infiltrated the Bonanno family.
aired 34 days ago
The five families of the American mafia ruled the streets of New York, but a new generation of FBI agents changed the game.
aired 73 days ago
It is 1986, and with most of the mafia family bosses in jail, John Gotti sees chaos as an opportunity.

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