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Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove

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There's an area along the edge of the Pacific Northwest known as the "Graveyard of the Pacific" where rapidly changing and harsh weather conditions and dangerous coastal features lead to perilous predicaments for fishermen. The risk doesn't stop them from heading out into Yaquina Bay in their fishing vessels in search of Dungeness crabs. This show in the "Deadliest Catch" franchise shows what it's like for the fishermen who head out into harm's way to try to reel in some of the coveted crabs during Dungeness season. The featured captains include Gary "The Ripper" Ripka, who has more than 35 years of fishing experience under his belt.

Latest episodes

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After weeks battling the Pacific Ocean, Oregon's crab fleet nears the finish line; Captain Mikey Retherford Jr, with his son on board, faces a deadly bar crossing into port.
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As a massive storm assaults Oregon's crab grounds, the fleet gets devastating news about one of their own; captains must consider whether the risk of fishing through deadly seas is worth the reward.
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Oregon's crab fleet suffers another devastating shipwreck just one week after losing a boat and three men to the ocean; Capt. Mikey Retherford Jr. heads to sea with his son.
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A winter storm tears through the Dungeness Crab grounds; a capsized boat echoes a mayday across the fleet; four lives hang in the balance.
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A savage winter storm hits Oregon's Dungeness Crab grounds and forces captains to make a tough decision; the Newport Bar becomes impassable and strands boats in dangerous conditions.
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Four families compete in a Dungeness Crab Derby in Newport, Oregon.
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The fleet moves to the next fisheries; Captain Kenny Ripka must survive working his Dad's deck for trawl season; Jonny Law seeks a record-setting shrimp haul, while the Retherfords revive their boats.

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