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Deadliest Catch: Bloodline

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Fueled by the chance discovery of Phil Harris' old Hawaiian charts, Josh Harris is on a mission to find out about his father's secret dream and pick up where he left off by using the maps to follow in his dad's footsteps fishing in Hawaii.

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aired 10 days ago
Co-captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus follow mysterious fishing charts to Hawaii's shark-infested waters to learn what the late Captain Phil Harris was after.
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Josh and his crew get an opportunity to supply ahi and mahi to a local restaurant and hope Phil's notes will lead them to a big payday; it's their first chance to turn a profit but if they want to succeed, they must first learn the Hawaiian way.
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Inspired by Phil's love of history, Josh, Casey and Johnathan Hillstrand brave unknown waters in the dead of night to try their hand at the ancient Hawaiian Ika-Shibi fishing technique.
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On Hawaii's Big Island, Josh enlists the help of Johnathan Hillstrand to help him dive deeper into the mystery of Phil's charts and gain insight into the time Phil spent in Kona Town.
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Josh, Casey and Jeff travel to the southern edge of Kona's fishing grounds, a spot Phil Harris frequently explored; despite rough waters and unpredictable weather, the trio dives into Kona's shark-infested waters to learn what kept Phil coming back.
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The discovery of mysterious fishing charts on the Cornelia Maria leads co-captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus to Hawaii to learn what Josh's late father, Capt. Phil Harris, was attempting to accomplish decades ago.
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With only two days left before they must head back to Dutch Harbor for king crab season, Josh and Casey have one last goal to achieve in Hawaii: land a big marlin, the one fish that eluded Phil Harris decades ago.

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