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Latest episodes

airs in 9 days
A small child is the only witness to her mother's murder; investigators say that her testimony is unreliable because of her age.
airs in 9 days
Cunning and elusive con artists take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to soak up people's fortunes and vanish.
airs in 9 days
A young woman is found nearly dead in the middle of the road; with little evidence, investigators need to find out what happened from the victim.
airs in 11 days
A young drummer has big dreams of stardom but finds himself at the center of a mystery in the suburbs of Detroit.
airs in 8 days
The entire town mourns when a young man loses his wife and son during a family outing; somebody suspects that the tragedy was not an accident.
aired 5 days ago
A detective's daughter is abducted and murdered despite several phone calls to police dispatchers from her husband, a concerned driver, and even the victim herself.
aired 13 days ago
A healthy young woman dies suddenly; her family is told it was a freak accident at the gym; investigators look into another side of the story.
aired 19 days ago
Mary Beth and Mark Harshbarger were on a hunting trip with their family when Mark is shot dead by Mary Beth's shotgun; while she claims she confused him for a bear, but Mark's family is not convinced.
airs in 2 days
Time is seemingly the biggest enemy when it comes to solving crime; the story of a murder that is still unsolved after seven years.
airs in 10 days
A women is sentenced to 90 years in prison for poisoning her husband and a Seattle bank manager with cyanide-laced Excedrin; years later, two investigators admit that authorities had little evidence to prove her guilt.
airs in 11 days
When a young mother died violently, the family had hoped for a quick justice; 27 years later, trace DNA evidence may finally close the case.
aired 24 days ago
An emotional case involving two families; it centers around a teenage mother and her group of friends.
airs in 4 days
Though hundred of American die every year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning; according to police in Ohio, a particular instance was purposeful.
aired 137 days ago
In York, S.C., former mayor and prominent attorney Melvin Roberts is found strangled to death in his driveway.
aired 137 days ago
When speed skater Stephen Moore goes missing, his secret audio diary provides clues that add to the deepening mystery surrounding his disappearance.
aired 138 days ago
Karen and Mark Duenas manage to keep the romance alive even after raising five sons, then an ordinary night ends in a tragic murder that will test the bonds of family.
aired 145 days ago
Rachel Anderson is a vivacious single mother whose world revolves around her children, then she fails to show up for work one day; her disappearance may have something to do with the terrifying telephone calls she's been receiving.
aired 271 days ago
When Angie Samota is stabbed to death in her college dormitory, the investigation leads nowhere until more than 20 years later when a friend urges police to take another look.
aired 278 days ago
When a woman is murdered within days of getting married, her new husband's ex-girlfriend comes forward with a a story about a plot to kill her.
aired 278 days ago
Vanessa Pond thinks Raven Abaroa is the one for her until she marries him and finds out her dream guy comes with a dark past.
aired 296 days ago
In Conyers, Ga., Nikki Whitehead moves into a gated community to provide a better life for her twin daughters, but what the future holds for them is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

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Anchored by Lester Holt, "Dateline" is NBC's signature newsmagazine, bringing viewers storytelling at its best by putting the pieces together to present the full picture of real-life events. NBC News correspondents cover compelling stories and issues of the day, ranging from mystery and crime to in-depth investigations and breaking-news events.
Various networks
"Dateline" has been a staple of the newsmagazine genre since premiering in 1992. Given how long it's been on the air, the show has an extensive archive of in-depth news stories and investigative journalism. This syndicated version offers viewers another chance to watch some of the show's previous content, serving up real-life mysteries and in-depth investigations from the show's 20-plus years on the air. Cases involving murders and missing people are frequent topics on the series that has won multiple Emmys in the news and documentary category.
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"Dateline," NBC's long-running newsmagazine series, brings its cutting-edge, heavy-hitting journalism style to Investigation Discovery, bringing viewers harrowing crime stories and tackling topics of broader importance to society. Hosted by either Lester Holt or Keith Morrison, the repackaged episodes go behind the headlines to introduce the detectives, the suspects, the victims, and the families involved in a devastating criminal investigation. Emotions play out in a courtroom, where dark secrets are laid bare until a verdict is revealed.
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Crimes and mysteries are investigated.
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ABC News' long-running "20/20" franchise has been branching out and airing versions of the show on a number of cable networks in recent years. OWN has its own edition of the newsmagazine, featuring the usual variety of in-depth stories viewers have come to expect from ABC's stable of investigative journalists. Stories of mysterious deaths, disappearances, betrayal and revenge -- often involving friends, family or business associates -- are on the docket in the hourlong episodes.
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Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete are used to being in the spotlight -- she's an actress whose credits include "21 Jump Street" and he's a retired NFL quarterback -- so starring in their own reality series is a natural fit for the married couple. Now, their focus is on their family -- which includes their four children, three of whom are teens, and Holly's widowed mother/manager Dolores -- and running their charity, the HollyRod Foundation. This series follows the Peetes as they try to set their children on the right track as they approach adulthood and setting off on their own. They're also dealing with post-football injury concerns for Rodney, as he feels the aches and pains of retirement, and Holly's difficulty landing acting roles as she gets older, leading her to develop a lifestyle brand of her own. Their children include twins RJ, who has autism, and Ryan, who heads off to college at NYU after high school, athletic Robinson, and preteen Roman.
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A version of the award-winning CBS true-crime series delves into investigations of murder, gambling, missing persons and other incidents, with "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher introducing reports.
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Investigation Discovery has made a home for award-winning investigative reporting from all three major broadcast networks. Joining CBS News' "48 Hours" and "60 Minutes" and NBC News' "Dateline," "20/20 on ID" delivers a collection of stories about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. It's hosted by ABC News correspondent John QuiƱones, and features the reporters of ABC News' acclaimed series "20/20" who dig beneath the headlines to reveal stories of victims, their families, and the search for truth and justice.
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Iyanla Vanzant is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who tries to help others improve their lives. She uses her past, in which she had to overcome obstacles and personal struggles to become stronger, in order to help others improve their futures. Secrets are revealed, truths uncovered and emotions let out as Vanzant teaches people how to pull back the curtain on what isn't working in their lives in order to fix those problems.
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Couples and friends in a middle-class community are the focus of this drama series by Tyler Perry. While it may seem typical, below the surface lie heartbreak and deceit, threatening everybody's well-being. Residents include married Randal and Marcie; she desperately wants children; he's having an affair with Alex, the wife of best friend Brad. Elsewhere in the neighborhood, divorced Esperanza pursues a budding relationship with Julius while keeping it secret from her vindictive ex, Edward.