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Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

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For more than 25 years, "Dateline" has brought viewers investigations into some of biggest mysteries in America. This entry in the franchise takes a second look at some of the most mysterious cases of recent history. Hosted by Emmy-winning journalist Craig Melvin, the show explores the stories through firsthand accounts told by people who are close to the crime, including investigators who dedicated their time to the cases and family members who are still trying to confront the tragedies that befell their loved ones.

Latest episodes

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After a house fire in suburban New Jersey, investigators discover a twisted love triangle filled with jealously, love and murder.
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Sam and Danielle Dreher appear to have a storybook marriage, but this ending was not happily ever after; when Sam is murdered, investigators discover a twisted tale of secrets, lies and infidelity.
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Meghan Verikas is attracted to Leon Jacob, in part, because as a doctor he saves lives; police officers tell her he is trying to hire a hit man, potentially to take hers, but authorities have a plan of their own.
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Diana Lovejoy and her husband welcome a baby boy, but their marriage crumbles; a bitter custody battle follows; fearing for her safety, Diane turns to a man skilled in self-defense, but as it turns out, someone else is in grave danger.
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For the Jennings family, Christmas Eve becomes a waking nightmare after a gunshot rings out, and investigators must determine whether a secret led to suicide or murder.
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Brittany Eldridge was nearly nine months pregnant when she was found dead in her apartment; investigators focused on two men they believed had a possible motive.
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Craig and Laura Rideout appear happy but after they separate, an ugly secret is revealed and one of them will soon be dead; clues point to four possible killers and leave investigators wondering if this murder is all in the family.
airs in 12 days
Newlywed Dalia Dippolito returns home from the gym to the awful news that her husband had been killed; in a case where almost nothing is as it seems, investigators want to know if Dalia is diabolical or an unwitting pawn in a hoax gone wrong.
airs in 11 days
Brandy Daniels believes someone is stalking her, then the single mother is found slumped over in her car, shot dead; investigators spend years navigating the twists and turns searching for her killer.
airs in 11 days
Debra Newell thought she found Mr. Right but her daughters sensed something wrong about John Meehan; they started digging into his past and their search for answers exposed a dangerous con man.
airs in 12 days
When Cathy Torrez never comes home after work, her family fears the worst; an intensive search ends after her car is found, with her body in the trunk; it take years to get to the truth.
aired 2 days ago
Todd Winkler claims self-defense after being arrested for killing his wife, Rachel; investigators travel to Georgia to find out how Todd's first wife died on a camping trip 10 years earlier.
aired 8 days ago
A young man from small town Indiana heads to Japan where he falls for a beautiful woman; then, they are caught up in one of the biggest natural disasters in history.
aired 8 days ago
Fitness executive Nicole Pietz is married to the man of her dreams, then she goes missing after failing to show up for dinner with her husband and friends.
airs in 12 days
A talented, young art student is murdered; the killer left no fingerprints and no DNA; police zero in on three fellow students and, soon, the dark portrait of a killer began to emerge.
airs in 12 days
A U.S. Air Force captain who is deployed overseas for long stretches of time finds himself caught in the crossfire resulting from a love triangle at home.
aired 9 days ago
When Bonnie Craig is found dead, police collect DNA but it doesn't match anyone in the system; twelve years later, there is a hit but the man is thousands of miles away; turns out, prosecutors would need more than DNA to convict a killer.
airs in 13 days
Investigating whether an explosion in a rice field in Colusa County, California that killed farm manager Roberto Ayala is an accident or murder.
airs in 11 days
A toddler is shot in the head and left for dead; despite the odds, she stuns everyone with her will to survive, while a detective vows to crack the case, no matter how long it takes.
airs in 12 days
When Debbie Hawk vanishes, her friends and family are left searching for answers; investigators discover that Debbie was planning to divulge secrets and wonder if she has been silenced as a result.
airs in 11 days
In Wisconsin, Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, are convicted of killing Teresa Halbach in a case that defies easy answers.

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"Dateline" has been a staple of the newsmagazine genre since premiering in 1992. Given how long it's been on the air, the show has an extensive archive of in-depth news stories and investigative journalism. This syndicated version offers viewers another chance to watch some of the show's previous content, serving up real-life mysteries and in-depth investigations from the show's 20-plus years on the air. Cases involving murders and missing people are frequent topics on the series that has won multiple Emmys in the news and documentary category.
Anchored by Lester Holt, "Dateline" is NBC's signature newsmagazine, bringing viewers storytelling at its best by putting the pieces together to present the full picture of real-life events. NBC News correspondents cover compelling stories and issues of the day, ranging from mystery and crime to in-depth investigations and breaking-news events.
"Mark of a Killer" examines the disturbing behaviors of serial killers. Step into the minds of some of the worst serial killers to date as they taunt law enforcement. Some of these killers get a perverse gratification by habitually stealing mementos from murder scenes including things like shoes, jewelry, keys, and even body parts. All of these stolen clues are meant to taunt the investigators while they build up their notoriety -- these killers often lead trademark clues behind as a way to mark something that was theirs but ultimately is their downfall as investigators use these as clues.
"Killer Couples" is in the same vein of the long-running true-crime series "Snapped," which tells stories of people who commit murder or attempt murder, but with a focus on couples who commit crimes. Using re-creations and firsthand accounts, each episode digs into a case, telling the story of the couple's romance, how the relationship evolved from love to manipulation, and what ultimately led the couple to commit the crime. The stories range from teenage lovers who go on a multistate crime spree to lesbian lovers who want to eliminate one of their husbands.
A vibrant young woman is found dead, hanging naked, bound and gagged, in the courtyard of her billionaire boyfriend's Coronado, Calif., mansion, just two days after his 6-year-old son suffered a shocking accident. The sheriff rules her death a suicide, claiming she was distraught over the young boy's grim prognosis, but after seven years of endless public intrigue and speculation, a wrongful death suit holds someone accountable. In the wake of the civil verdict, Prosecutor Loni Coombs, crime journalist Billy Jensen, and forensic criminologist Paul Holes embark on a fresh look at the case. Meeting with experts, family members, witnesses, and never-before-interviewed law enforcement officials, they create a case file with compelling new evidence and present it to the San Diego Sheriff's Office for review.
"Murder for Hire" gives an exclusive look into the dark world of contract killings, showcasing some of the most fascinating murder for hire cases ever caught on tape. In an alarming trend, investigators are seeing a sharp increase in hired hits across the country, and those attempting shockingly include: housewives, wealthy bankers, military officers and even grandmothers. From scorned lovers to jealous relatives, the show explores in rare, never-before-seen footage, how a seemingly good relationship can go wrong and the emotions surrounding the reveal when an intended victim discovers a hit has been taken on their life. Each standalone episode features a different case of undercover agents immersing viewers into the real-life sting and investigation as they attempt to catch the perpetrator and ultimately prevent a murder.
Phoenix Coldon, a young African-American woman, vanished in December of 2011. Her SUV was found abandoned in the middle of the road in a crime-ridden and depressed part of St. Louis. When found, her car was still running with the key in the ignition, and her glasses, purse, shoes, and identification were all inside the vehicle. In the weeks that followed, Phoenix's family searched for answers and now, with the help of investigative reporter Shawndrea Thomas and retired Deputy Police Chief Joe Delia, they are getting the chance to unravel the mystery of Phoenix Coldon's case. The duo meets with Phoenix's parents, other family members, and friends to help them bring more exposure to the case and find answers.
Each episode of this true-crime reality series examines a different felon, usually a female, who has committed murder or attempted murder. The victim is usually the perpetrator's partner. The documentary-style series features interviews with friends and family members of the accused and victims, law-enforcement officials, attorneys and other people with first-hand knowledge of the cases.