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Dangerous Encounters With Brady Barr

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Dr. Brady Barr, a herpetologist by trade, travels all over the world to study reptiles and other creatures in their native habitats, often risking his life in the process. His mission is two-fold: to collect as much information as possible about the animals he studies and to inform the public about the state of the planet and the risk of extinction many animal species face. And, of course, there's another benefit to all his work: It makes great TV.

Latest episodes

aired 185 days ago
Brady and his team try new methods of catching the strong, fast and semi-aquatic animals, one of Africa's biggest wildlife management challenges.
aired 185 days ago
After several villagers are killed by man-eating crocodiles, Brady trains a team of local rangers to capture crocs for relocation.
aired 455 days ago
Brady Barr embarks on a mission to better understand the sawfish.
aired 482 days ago
The sixgill shark, one of the oldest carnivorous species on earth, has remained elusive despite the creature's massive size.
aired 482 days ago
A python repeatedly bites Barr and wraps him in its powerful coils when he tries to capture it for further study.
aired 483 days ago
A Humboldt squid in Mexico's Sea of Cortez.
aired 544 days ago
Brady works to create a unique, protective crocodile-suit to allow him to get close to wild Nile crocodiles without having to restrain them.
aired 545 days ago
Brady develops a reinforced, life-size hippo decoy to protect himself as he gets close to Nile hippos in a quest to better understand the animals.
aired 546 days ago
Brady investigates brown bears and polar bears in the Alaskan rainforest and Canada's Hudson Bay.
aired 551 days ago
Brady tries to establish the wildest animal in America's west.
aired 553 days ago
Brady seeks the electric eel in the heart of the Surinamese rainforest.
aired 559 days ago
Brady rates four salamanders based on size, survival skills, sliminess and toxicity to determine the king of all salamanders.

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