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The Crocodile Hunter

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Australian host Steve Irwin and his wife Terri run a wildlife refuge. Their shared passion is educating the world about wildlife, including the much feared crocodile and numerous venomous snakes. Steve's speciality is the capture and relocation of crocodiles. No animal appears too threatening to Steve, his true respect for animals is the foundation for everything he does.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Spitting cobras, the most dangerous reptiles of all, can accurately project their venom one to eight feet and hit a person in the eyes.
aired 2 days ago
Steve tries to capture and relocate Graham, an Australia Zoo crocodile that has developed a dangerous taste for his blood.
aired 3 days ago
Funny outtakes from Steve's encounters with toothy crocs, venomous snakes and other lethal creatures.
aired 4 days ago
Steve encounters chameleons that have evolved in mysterious ways and unique cave-dwelling crocodiles on Madagascar.
aired 8 days ago
The day-to-day operations of caring for more than 150 crocodiles at Australia Zoo challenge Steve and Terri.
aired 9 days ago
While enjoying a surfing safari in Indonesia, Steve and his friends encounter fascinating and deadly jungle creatures.
aired 10 days ago
Steve swims with alligators in Florida and travels the bayous of Louisiana, encountering venomous snakes.
aired 11 days ago
An aggressive, venomous snake and a powerful U.S. missile both carry the name "sidewinder."
aired 12 days ago
Steve and an Australian zoo team participate in a wildlife rescue mission staged in the wake of a war for independence in East Timor.
aired 15 days ago
Steve and Terri head into the center of Australia to study Ayers Rock and the red sand dunes of the Simpson Desert.
aired 16 days ago
Steve Irwin shares his most private and innermost thoughts, providing insight into what drives him.
aired 17 days ago
Steve visits Antarctica to interact with penguins, leopard seals and humpback whales.
aired 18 days ago
The croc survives more than 60 million years with very little change in the evolution of the species.
aired 19 days ago
Sri Lanka has one of the highest incidences of snakebite deaths in the world.
aired 22 days ago
Crocodiles live in two major Mexican resort cities.
aired 23 days ago
Steve has his hands full with tiger sharks and bull sharks.
aired 24 days ago
Chronicling Steve and Terri Irwin's rise to fame; the promotional tour for the couple's first Hollywood film; conservation work at Australia Zoo.
aired 25 days ago
A white crocodile proves to be extremely aggressive when Steve relocates him.
aired 26 days ago
Steve travels to Central America as a guest of the Belize Zoo and researches a colony of morelet crocodiles.
aired 29 days ago
A preview of Steve's upcoming movie, "Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course," and the challenges he faced in getting the film made.
aired 30 days ago
Incapacitated by a near-fatal accident, Steve becomes a target for predators in the red desert of Namibia, Africa.

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