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Cursed Films

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The facts, myths and mysterious surrounding iconic films and franchises whose casts and crews have been struck by misfortune and tragedy, including "The Exorcist," "Poltergeist," "The Omen," and others.

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A horrific on-set accident during the production of "Twilight Zone: The Movie" leaves those involved in the making of the film cursed by the memory of the incident they witnessed.
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Years after actor Bruce Lee's mysterious death is attributed to the Lee Family Curse, his son Brandon's life is cut short due to a tragic on-set accident during the making of "The Crow."
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A series of unfortunate events plague the cast and crew during the making of "The Omen," raising concerns that the film might be cursed by the devil himself.
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A series of untimely deaths connected to the making of the "Poltergeist" films inspire rumors that the production is cursed; suspicions are stoked by rumors that real human skeletons were used during the making of the film.
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The release of "The Exorcist" is surrounded by controversy, as reports of fainting theater-goers and mysterious on-set accidents raise questions as to whether or not the film itself is evil.

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