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Cold Hearted

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Real-life stories of obsessions, affairs and love triangles gone wrong.

Latest episodes

aired 393 days ago
Living a luxurious lifestyle, Rebecca Simpson yearns for excitement and begins an affair that leads to a downward spiral characterized by jealousy, obsession and a thirst for murder.
aired 393 days ago
Married to U.S. Navy Ensign Cory Voss, Catherina has an affair with a seemingly well-off man who isn't what he claims, leading to the ruination of the Voss family.
aired 394 days ago
James is a U.S. Marine whose service takes him away from home; while he's away, his wife seeks companionship closer to home, and the sordid affair culminates in an explosive revelation.
aired 456 days ago
In 1975, firefighters find the naked, burned body of Sherry Gibson in an abandoned farmhouse; after a chilling confession, officials believe the case is finally closed until they receive a shocking revelation 26 years later.

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Transporting viewers into what Investigation Discovery calls "a vortex of dark mystery and psychological terror," the docuseries "Dead Silent" delves into actual stories of crimes set in desolate locations. Hourlong episodes portray just how dark and dreary the great outdoors can be when a person is deep in the woods, inside an abandoned house, or along the shores of a sleepy lake, and every snap of a twig and unidentified rustle can be a sign of danger. ID's signature storytelling interweaves commentary from local authorities, true-crime experts, and psychologists, plus first-person accounts from survivors of these crimes.
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Psychological thrillers like "Fatal Attraction" and "Unfaithful" are the inspiration behind this true-crime series, which tells stories about relationships that quickly spiral into living nightmares. Each hourlong episode is a mini horror/suspense film that depicts actual events -- seemingly innocent encounters that end up changing the course of the participants' lives forever. Viewers see the evolution of each relationship and the escalation of extreme behavior, from a refusal to let go to a web of lies and betrayals, dangerous obsessions, scandalous affairs, stalking, and almost always murder.
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Powerfully emotional stories tell of people who have been targets of compulsive stalkers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 6 million people in the U.S. are stalked each year, and in most instances, the stalker is someone the victim already knows. The series' hourlong episodes dramatize actual cases through visceral re-enactments and pointed testimony of victims, family members and law enforcement authorities, revealing what happens when stalkers can't have what -- or who -- they want, and stop at nothing to ensure that no one else can either. The chilling accounts probe the mechanics of an obsessive mind and the devastating impact of delusion.
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Stylized re-enactments tell stories of actual crimes that have a similar moral: choosing to trust someone can be a life or death decision. One moment, the world seems so safe; the next, it becomes completely unrecognizable, all because someone betrays the trust of a family or social circle, leading to paranoia and suspicion and ultimately a cold-blooded murder. The husband, the best friend, the business partner, the stockbroker, the neighbor and the mistress are left looking over their shoulder, living in fear of the killer, or the truth, or being caught in a lie. As the investigation unfolds and secrets are laid bare, it produces a horrific realization: the victim was killed by someone they trusted.
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The stories of people who go to unimaginable lengths to solve the crimes that claimed the lives of their loved ones.
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This true-crime series tells stories of murders that have been committed against the backdrop of the rugged Alaskan wilderness. Though picturesque, the setting of the 49th state is unforgiving as are the murderers featured on the show. Each episode goes into detail about the sadistic acts of a killer, painting a psychological picture of what goes through the perpetrator's mind when committing the evil act against the victim. The crimes take place all over the state, from cities like Anchorage to a remote mountain hideaway in Manley Hot Springs.
Raw, unbridled and chilling depictions of human desires surface in "In Ice Cold Blood." True crime is depicted at another level as Ice-T takes viewers straight into the stories. Money, sex, lust, and greed run rampant with very real consequences. Family members, friends and detectives recount each case -- a missing military veteran, a student murdered in a crime of passion, and secret payouts are only some of the cases. These stories are told through re-enactments, in-depth interviews and archived footage.
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Investigation Discovery joins forces with reporters from People magazine to tell stories of high-end fashion icons and their couture crimes that captured headlines. The adage"if looks could kill" takes on entirely unique meaning in the series, which grants People's journalists exclusive access beyond the catwalk to reveal that fashion can sometimes be fatal. The hourlong tales of depravity, obsession, and family betrayal in the fashion world all have a common thread -- cold-blooded murder.
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Chilling scenarios unfold in this true-crime series, which tells actual stories of people who shared their lives with loved ones who became killers. Each hourlong episode puts viewers in the shoes of the loved one, who first notices that something is amiss, interprets the puzzling signs and clues, and eventually comes face-to-face with the horrible truth: that the person has a very dark side. Exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts of the critical moments leading up to the vicious acts showcase devastating, often undiscussed consequences on the people who have nurtured, loved and raised a murderer.
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Once dubbed "Wonderland" because of its immense summer beauty and grandeur, the rolling mountains and deep forests of the Pacific Northwest become a haven for a series of murders. Using stylized re-enactments and interviews with law enforcement personnel and family and friends of victims, episodes focus on a team of dedicated Portland, Ore., homicide investigators who seek answers to mysterious, disturbing murder cases. In the premiere, Det. Molly Daul realizes she is dealing with a sexual predator, whose chilling confession remains with Molly to this day. The killer then turns his sights on her, raising the stakes even higher.