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You ask, CNN answers. In hourlong, in-depth explorations CNN hosts examine extraordinary individuals, unexpected events and controversial subjects through interviews, stories, images and videos.

Latest episodes

aired 13 days ago
Examining what potential Supreme Court decisions regarding voter rights could mean for upcoming midterm elections and 2020.
aired 19 days ago
James Duncan maintains his innocence even after a judge sentences him to 70 years in prison for abusing his newborn son, Kody; the emotional journey of James Duncan and his son Kody, now in his 20s and fighting for his father's release.
aired 51 days ago
Two months before her 20th birthday, Jessica Chambers is left for dead on the side of the road.
aired 56 days ago
An in-depth look at conditions in Puerto Rico one year after it was pummeled by Hurricane Maria, including the ongoing human toll, the continuing challenges to rebuild communities, and the successes and failures of government agencies.
aired 68 days ago
Jake Tapper speaks with George Papadopoulos about his role in the Trump campaign, the Mueller investigation, and Papadopoulos' guilty plea.
aired 77 days ago
John McCain's life and legacy are remembered; Dana Bash anchors.
aired 83 days ago
An in-depth look at the tragic and gruesome fraternity death of 19-year-old Penn State University student Tim Piazza; his murder leads to one of the largest criminal indictments in history against a fraternity and its members.
aired 84 days ago
Fareed Zakaria searches to find the true nature of the relationship between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and the implications of their relationship for the world.
aired 119 days ago
Donald Trump is taking over TV. Not just the daily news cycle, but prime time, scripted television. CNN examines the impact of Trump on TV, and the blurred lines between entertainment and reality.
aired 124 days ago
Ten years after the shocking death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony captures the attention of the nation, journalist Randi Kaye travels back to Orlando, Fla., to speak with the key figures who took part in the subsequent investigation and trial.
VOD available
Fareed Zakaria addresses what he sees as the real reasons for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sudden transformation; stories of Kim Jong Un's father and grandfather; how the fearsome North Korean propaganda machine was developed.
aired 160 days ago
North Korea has shown the world its missiles and military might; the rest of the country remains veiled in secrecy; exclusive and unprecedented access; Will Ripley returns to North Korea for a record twelfth trip.
VOD available
The story of how Aimen Dean, a bookish kid from Saudi Arabia, met Osama bin Laden and became a valued al Qaeda operative; he eventually switched sides and became a valuable Western spy and double agent inside al Qaeda.
aired 181 days ago
Alisyn Camerota looks back at Harry and Meghan's lives, their romance, and how they will change the monarchy forever.
aired 181 days ago
Twenty years ago, Princess Diana was killed in a tragic accident in Paris; it is a story told by those closest to her; revealing intimate details of the last days of Diana's life, as well as the moments that made the princess.
aired 195 days ago
An in-depth look at hate in the 21st century; America's recent rise in hate crimes sparked this investigation into all the possible reasons why.
aired 196 days ago
Drew Griffin exames Scott Pruitt's polarizing tenure at the EPA.
VOD available
The FBI raid on the office and home of President Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, opens up new avenues of inquiry in the investigations surrounding the president.
aired 215 days ago
Jim Sciutto and Pam Brown present live reaction and analysis of James Comey's first interview since being fired as F.B.I. director.
aired 219 days ago
CNN looks at the charges against Bill Cosby as his criminal trial begins.
aired 259 days ago
The demand for Donald Trump humor transforms late-night shows and the hosts who front them; CNN analyzes the impact of President Trump on current comedy; the blurred lines between late night and news.

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