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The Huwa family, which includes Brent Huwa and his wife Tonya, brothers Tyrun and Corey and father Rich as well as the rest of the family combine their entrepreneurial spirit to work to protect and save the American landscape. They are bringing back the spirit of the West and the old cowboy culture where tough terrain, big bulls, mother nature and deadlines keep them all well on their toes as they seek to live their lives. After being tasked with cleaning up after the Hayman fire the family realized they could be doing more to benefit the land and have since built up multiple successful businesses.

Latest episodes

aired 847 days ago
Corey and the company plan a donation drive for the troops; Steve, Mindy and Ryan get a new tractor logo ready to surprise Brent for the new building; great grandpa Herman shares his WWII scrapbook with the children.
aired 854 days ago
The kids compete in the National Western Stock Show; the guys modify a side-by-side UTV; Chavez and Twisted H Bucking Bulls compete in a big tournament; Corey, Rich and James take part in a sporting clays competition for a free lunch.
aired 861 days ago
Brent takes over the morning chores for Tonya; Steve prepares for Safety Day at the company; Graham and Doug work on safely drilling under a river.
aired 868 days ago
The crew takes on a steep hillside with some big machines, creates a time-saving post pounder for building fences, finishes a major concrete job, and competes in a poker tournament for a unique prize.
aired 875 days ago
Corey and the guys build a roll cage for a side-by-side UTV; Chavez and Twisted H Bucking Bulls compete in a big tournament.
aired 882 days ago
Corey and James square off in another round of prank wars; Rick designs a power fence-post pounder; Rich teaches the grandchildren how to shoot trap.
aired 889 days ago
Corey, Patty and James compete at a shooting rang; Rich harvests corn; the team builds a massive culvert to keep flood waters away from a railroad.
aired 896 days ago
Four generations of Huwas bale straw at night; Brealynn helps her grandfather PePa set up an online dating profile; Patty gives the grandchildren haircuts.
aired 903 days ago
Brent and Travis "The Rainmaker" check out Montana then rush back for the National Western Stock Show; the gang competes at no-limit Texas Hold 'em.
aired 910 days ago
Corey squares off against James in a new prank war; Brent and his family invent some crazy new sports for the indoor arena; the guys compete against the gals in a marksmanship challenge.
aired 917 days ago
Rick gets creative hydromulching a steep hillside; Corey, James and the crew shoot it out at a local sporting clays course; Patty and Rich go head-to-head and leg-to-leg on game night.
aired 924 days ago
Uncle Rick takes a crew to help in the wake of Hurricane Harvey; Brent and his children save James' house from heavy rains; the team uses a drone to prevent rock slides in the Rocky Mountains.
aired 931 days ago
While Brent and his children are away for the National Finals Rodeo, Tyrun rushes to move equipment around and get home in time to celebrate his anniversary.
aired 938 days ago
Brent goes to California to follow up on wildfire restoration, leaving Pe-Pa to keep an eye on the house; the family takes part in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and meets the youngsters and horses of the Compton Jr. Posse.
aired 945 days ago
Wildfires bring Corey to California to help in the recovery; back home, Brent, Tyrun, and James square off against their wives in a shooting competition.
aired 952 days ago
When the Huwas started out, they knew it would be more than just a family business; today, "family" is key to all of the Huwas' most important ventures.
aired 959 days ago
Brent's crew heads to the mountains to reclaim the land surrounding an abandoned mine; a game of horse football on Brent's birthday lands one player on the disabled list.
aired 966 days ago
Rich sends Tyrun out to help a neighbor by running a monster farm machine; Robert surveys a mountainside with a drone looking for potential danger over a busy highway.
aired 973 days ago
Chavez gets his prized bucking bulls ready for competition for the pro circuit; Tonya and her team perform ultra sound tests on pregnant cows in hopes of finding a bull calf.
aired 980 days ago
Uncle Rick heads to Houston to help people in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey; Cody begins his own journey to the Lone Star State to begin college.
aired 987 days ago
While work has been challenging the rodeo season is also in full swing; it's a huge challenge for Brent and the boys to balance competition, family and work.

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