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Camp Getaway

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The staff of an ultimate adult playground steer the challenges and surprises that come with working for a camp that offers nonstop fun.

Latest episodes

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Nile and Gavin go head-to-head in the fall finale football game, while Claire and the staff turn camp into a Halloween horror show; Randall finally meets a special someone; Adam and Sophia discuss the status of their relationship.
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David makes a big decision about Glen's future at camp following an epic meltdown; the crew is tasked with helping pull off a summer camp wedding; tensions come to a head between Monica and Neely.
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A high-maintenance guest keeps the social coordinators on their toes on Labor Day weekend; Adam and Sophia's budding romance is shaken up by Gavin's charm; Nile and Glen come together to pull off one last prank.
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Claire finds herself understaffed and becomes upset with a social coordinator; friends from the Miss USA pageant arrive expecting Neely to deliver the perfect camp experience; Glen and Nile's relationship sours over a prank gone wrong.
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Camp Getaway hosts Singles Weekend, and with Adam away, Gavin steals his spot as the Camp Casanova; Neely also gets lucky when a past guest shows up determined to win her over.
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It's Camp Getaway's LGBTQ weekend, and Glen does everything in his power to give camp a true sense of Pride; Gavin, a new social coordinator, joins the team and Nile wonders if he's getting replaced; Adam's mixed signals.
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Camp has officially started and the newbies get their first test when demanding guests arrive with plenty of requests; Neely's attempt to forget last week's incident and move forward proves almost impossible when her ex shows up as a guest.
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Camp Getaway is an adult summer camp in the Berkshire Mountains of Connecticut, where guests indulge in childhood nostalgia, with all the perks of being a grown-up; the new crew learn the ropes.

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