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Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp

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Children between the ages of 10 to 12 head to Camp Waziyatah in Maine, where they take part in exciting and challenging outdoor activities, establish tight bonds with bunkmates, and create unforgettable memories.

Latest episodes

aired 772 days ago
As summer draws to a close, the campers dress up for a fancy banquet before saying their goodbyes and heading back home.
aired 773 days ago
The Parker Cup, an epic two-day competition, divides the camp and tests friendships; the kids battle it out in a camp-wide relay race, a sky-high egg-drop, and a penalty kick round of soccer.
aired 774 days ago
Grace discovers that camp can still be fun, even on crutches; Tug of War and Jigs are the theme of the night for the Scottish Highland Games.
aired 775 days ago
The campers put on a classic fable playing dogs, hares and grapes; Alex and Andrew take to the lake to reach their goals.
aired 779 days ago
Andrew gets Doggy, Izzy gets Hare-y and Aaralyn gets grape-y for the final play of summer; the Untalent show highlights the bizarre talents of campers.
aired 780 days ago
Lucy faces a 50-foot climbing wall, blindfolded and one legged; a taco of terror scares no one; Halloween in summer is a night of fright.
aired 781 days ago
Damian's leadership lands him in cold water; both cabins turn counselors into superheroes, with limited resources and lots of imagination.
aired 782 days ago
Fun cabin-bonding activities kick off the start of session two as new campers meet their counselors and cabin mates; the remaining kids from the first session navigate a new cabin dynamic.
aired 785 days ago
The power of friendship is the only defense during a zombie breakout; the campers are tested in an epic game of tag; an underground candy trade has the camp buzzing.
aired 786 days ago
The girls celebrate the end of Session 1 with a rolling competition, while some of the boys tackle their fears at the waterfront; all of Wazi comes together for a special campfire.
aired 787 days ago
Color War breaks the whole camp into four teams for an epic two-day, nonstop competition; everyone works hard for the win, but only one team stands victorious.
aired 788 days ago
Tensions run high for the girls of Pines 4 after sleeping arrangements at the campout divides the girls; the boys' and girls' cabins prep comedy sketches for Wazi skit night.
aired 790 days ago
The cabins have new counselors and the kids feast on tacos for breakfast; at the evening event, the kids have their fortunes read and the counselors are soaked in a dunk tank.
aired 790 days ago
The Fourth of July at Wazi has the kids excited to take on new challenges; Vegas night tests friendships when Brynn's decision to take a risk divides the cabin.
aired 790 days ago
The girls of Pines 4 eagerly await the arrival of two new cabin mates; the boys of Pines 9 help Darryl bounce back after a disappointing swim test.
aired 790 days ago
Camp Waziyatah opens its doors to new and returning campers ready for a summer of fun.

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