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Oscar winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer put their storytelling acumen to work as executive producers of "Breakthrough," a series of hourlong documentaries highlighting the stories, people, and technology behind the world's most cutting-edge scientific innovations. After considering more than 100 scientific topics for the series, the pair -- helped by National Geographic archives and research, along with the scientific resources of partner GE -- selected biotechnology, neuroscience, anti-aging technology, alternative energy, water conservation, and global pandemics. Each episode is directed by a prominent Hollywood star -- Howard himself helms "The Age of Aging," joining actors Angela Bassett ("Water Apocalypse") and Paul Giamatti ("More Than Human"), directors Peter Berg ("Fighting Pandemics") and Brett Ratner ("Decoding the Brain"), and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman ("Energy From the Edge").

Latest episodes

aired 253 days ago
As water goes into increasingly short supply, scientists and engineers struggle to create local solutions for a global problem.
aired 260 days ago
Reliance on fossil fuels is leading to a global energy crisis; developments in energy production could avert disaster and usher in a new era of clean, safe energy.
aired 288 days ago
Scientists and medical practitioners work to find breakthrough methods to combat pandemic viruses.
aired 295 days ago
Shedding light on the human brain and mystery of consciousness with research that may help those suffering from conditions like epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease.
aired 302 days ago
Advances in science are fusing biology and technology to make us better, stronger, faster and smarter; manipulating our genetic code; building exoskeletons that give super strength; giving hope to people with traumatic spine injuries.
aired 309 days ago
Studying the aging process has opened up new ways that could help us live healthier and longer; a group of researchers believe the breakthrough is extending the period of life spent free of disease.
aired 773 days ago
Engineers make a dangerous trek across the Himalayas to bring power to a remote monastery.
aired 780 days ago
Cutting-edge innovations and advancements from scientists at leading universities and institutions.
aired 783 days ago
Cutting-edge innovations and advancements from scientists at leading universities and institutions.
aired 794 days ago
Maverick doctors supercharge killer T cells, creating a breakthrough treatment for cancer.
aired 799 days ago
A look inside the shadowy world of hackers, where good battles evil.
aired 808 days ago
Renegade researchers explore a controversial cure for vices: psychedelic drugs.
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Scientists investigate the way the Sun builds its power -- through fusion -- hoping to find a way to use fusion as a less dangerous and less radioactive waste-producing path to energy than fission. But there are some major difficulties along the way...
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An extraordinary new discovery of a dinosaur fossil so pristine and complete, that it shows off the texture, patterns, and color of a prehistoric giant. Discover this brand new species that roamed during the late Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
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New evidence suggests humans arrived in North America far earlier than previously thought, and that they may have traveled along paths now buried deep beneath the sea.
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As the number of people affected by Alzheimer's Disease continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, researchers worldwide are racing to discover a cure. While stopping the disease is the ultimate goal, could a team in the UK have cracked a method to reverse Alzheimer's Disease?
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For the first time, scientists have captured a photograph of a black hole. The image verifies one of the most important theories in physics and will help unlock the greatest mysteries of the cosmos.
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The Mars InSight lander is on a 6-month journey to the Red Planet, with hopes of uncovering some of our planetary neighbor's secrets. Digging deep into Martian soil, the lander will measure marsquakes and also study the deep interior of Mars - perhaps revealing the origins of the planet.